Linda Evangelista Today 2021: How Does She Look After Zeltic Coolsculpting Procedure?

Linda Evangelista Today 2021: How Does She Look After Zeltic Coolsculpting Procedure?

Though Linda Evangelista has uploaded her past photos in 2021, it’s rare to find her photos with her currently deformed face. 

Linda Evangelista is a model who is listed as one of the top supermodels from the 1990s.  

Indicating to file a lawsuit against Coolsculpting which destroyed her livelihood and also affected her mentally, the 1990s supermodel shared a heartwrenching part of her life.

Well, in the desire of having a more alluring face, Linda Evangelista’s wish turned out to be a curse for her.   

Linda Evangelista Photos Today 2021

Today, Linda Evangelista has not disclosed her real photos in 2021.

It’s not that the 56-year-old model shows no activeness in the social media platforms, she definitely is present and has active involvement. But, most pictures she has shared are about her past pictures. 

Actually, on April 10, she did share a snap with two other guys captioning the dream team. But, at that time, the former model had a mask that covered half of her face. Thus, we could not trace her exact current pictures after surgery.

Is Linda Evangelista Really Deformed After Coolsculpting?

Linda Evangelista is really deformed after Coolsculpting as confirmed by herself via Instagram.

She also told that she has been left deformed for over five years now and really suffered because of the step she took. Before deciding to go through the procedure, she was told that after Zeltiq’s Coolsculpting procedure, as a result, she will have an even more desirable face and what else.

On the contrary, it did exactly the opposite of what was promised and the outcome is suffering from side effects and, thus, a brutally disfigured face.

Well, if you wanna know what is CoolSculpting? It’s a popular non-invasive procedure that removes fat. But, the surgery, in turn, increased her fat cells and left her permanently deformed for life.

To add up for worse, she has presently developed PAH, Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia. And, she was not made aware of this future risk during the time when she took the decision of going through it.

Linda Evangelista Before And After Fat Procedure

Linda Evangelista’s before and after fat procedures comparison pictures are not yet available on the web.

Although she does often share pictures of her modeling days and all, her disfigured physical appearance pictures have not been openly publicized yet. 

However, it seems the model will reveal her current true face in the near future. As hinted by her in the statement, which writes that despite not looking like herself any longer, she would like to walk with her head held high.