Lisa Page Wikipedia: Is She In A Relationship With Peter Strzok?

Lisa Page Wikipedia: Is She In A Relationship With Peter Strzok?

Lisa Page is not on Wikipedia despite being a former FBI lawyer who is pretty famous in the media. 

Lisa Page is an American former FBI lawyer recognized as a reputed server working under the former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Currently based in Washington DC, United States, Lisa is still an attorney but is not under FBI. 

Lisa focuses on national security and tech giants and corporations with various cases relating to any national concern. 

With the rumors of her relationship with a police agent and the former president Donald Trump talking about this matter in a very unprofessional way, Lisa was all over the media last year. 

Indeed, concerns regarding her affair with Peter Strzok, her husband, age, and other necessary details are at their peak. 

Lisa Page Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is She?

Lisa Page’s age is 40 years old, and she is soon turning 41. 

She was born on August 2, 1980, in San Fernando Valley in California, United States. 

Moreover, she is recognized as a famous former FBI attorney who was present in many cases of national security and tech. 

She attended college at American University in Washington DC, where she moved after completing her high school in Ohio. 

Later, she got her law degree back in Ohio while staying with her parents. 

Lisa Page And Peter Strzok Affair Rumor

The rumors regarding Lisa Page’s affair with police agent and professional Peter Strzok are true. 

Lisa herself has accepted that her affair with Peter is the worst thing she has ever done. 

However, now they are not together and are dealing with their own family. 

Lisa Page is married to her husband, and she has 2 children with him. 

The person she had an affair with, Peter Strzok, is also married to his wife for over 25 years now, with 2 children. 

Lisa apologized to Peter Strzok’s wife for creating problems in both of their relationships. 

Lisa Page Husband: Who Is She Married To?

As mentioned, Lisa Page is married to her husband, Joseph Burrows. 

There is not much information regarding him as a professional, but they have 2 children together: a son and a daughter. 

Also, there is no enough detail regarding her children either. 

What Is Lisa Page Net Worth?

Lisa Page has a net worth of over $2 million.

She is a popular personality in the world of crime and law, so she certainly does have a net worth of over 2 million dollars. 

An FBI agent is a federal position, and it does pay well. Hence, her astonishing net worth is obvious. 

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