Los Angeles Shooting: Is Rapper SLIM 400 Dead Or Still Alive? Shot And Killed -Details To Know

Los Angeles Shooting: Is Rapper SLIM 400 Dead Or Still Alive? Shot And Killed -Details To Know

LA Rapper SLIM 400 is shot dead by an unidentified gunman. He was 33-years-old.

Los Angeles based rapper SLIM 400 has been killed.

The ‘Bruisin’ rapper is reported to be shot and killed in L.A. However, the detail on the incident is yet to surface on the media.

SLIM 400 was known to be a Compton-based rapper who had an affiliation with another fellow artist YG.

Following the news of his demise, his loved-ones are provided with the deepest condolences by the fans and multiple media sources.

Here, we take a look at the rapper’s journey and the incident that took his life.

Is Rapper SLIM 400 Dead Or Still Alive?

Rapper SLIM 400 is confirmed dead.

He was fatally shot by the unknown gunman which took his life shortly.

SLIM 400 was known to be in a beef prior to his demise as this was not the first time he was targeted by his enemies.

The rapper had experienced a similar fate back in 2019 when he was shot by the gunmen in a passing vehicle.  While the masked attackers tried to kill the rapper 2-years-earlier, he survived miraculously following the surgery and returned to the scene few weeks later.

SLIM 400 was shot by the masked men in 2019 as he took 9 bullets in his body. The rapper had survived the bullets he took in his upper and lower back, his jaw, and top of his head.

Fast-forward 2-years-later, he is haunted by his foes again but now they did not missed their target as SLIM 400 died following a shootout in Los Angeles.

Rapper SLIM 400 Shot And Killed

L.A-based rapper SLIM 400 is shot and killed in Los Angeles.

The Compton gangsta rap prototype and the associate of YG found himself being shot just a day after the release of his new song ‘Caviar Gold’.

The Los Angeles police are yet to announce the details regarding the shooting and the expected suspects.

SLIM 400 Age And Wiki Details

SLIM 400 was 33-years-old.

The middle-aged rapper had started his professional journey in his mid-20s as an artist.

While his professional accomplishments are yet to be recognized by the global audience, SLIM 400 was an organic rapper whose bars and lyrics were highly appreciated.

The L.A-based rapper SLIM 400’s academic backgrounds and familial tier is not disclosed to the public.

His birth name is yet to be recognized as well.

Rapper SLIM 400 On Twitter

SLIM 400 can be found on Twitter under the username @slim400blk.

Followed by over 18.5k followers, he was highly active on the platform.

He could also be found on Instagram under the same name.

About Author: Yogesh Budathoki

Last Modified: December 9, 2021

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