MAFS: Are Eric And Virginia Still Married? Do They Stay Together?

MAFS: Are Eric And Virginia Still Married? Do They Stay Together?

Are Eric and Virginia from MAFS still married? Continue below to discover the answer to this million-dollar question.

Eric Lake and Virginia Coombs are one of the most talked-about couples in the ongoing season 12 of Married At First Sight (MAFS).

Eric works as a commercial pilot and an Air Force Reserves member. Likewise, Virginia is a marketing officer by profession.

The two have an intense yet strong relationship despite a clear age gap of eight years. Eric is 34 years old; whereas, Virginia is 26.

The 12th season of MAFS recently aired its Decision Day, where the participants had to decide if they wanted to remain married to their respective partners or split. 

Let’s find out if Eric and Virginia are still married or not. Spoilers ahead!

Are MAFS’ Eric And Virginia Still Married?

On the Decision Day of MAFS season 12, Eric and Virginia both decided to remain married to each other.

Eric Lake was determined to make the decision from the start; whereas, Virginia was initially unsure about moving in with her partner.

Further, she also had second thoughts about Eric’s attitude towards her. But, most importantly, Virginia was reluctant to leave her apartment and shift to a new place.

Despite the initial confusion, Virginia finally accepted Eric’s proposal and remained married to him.

Do Eric And Virginia From MAFS Stay Together?

Eric and Virginia have not revealed if they have already moved in together or not.

We know that the two had decided to remain married and Virginia had also agreed to move in with Eric.

However, it’s not known if Eric and Virginia and have started living together.

Further, the duo also seemed to have some dispute during the “tell-all” sessions which has worried the couple’s fans.

Also, as both Eric and Virginia’s are currently private due to show policy, there is no way to know the day to day activities of the couple.

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