Who was Valentina Gioia? MAFS TV Director Died From The Car Crash

Who was Valentina Gioia? MAFS TV Director Died From The Car Crash

The Director of MAFS TV, Valentina Gioia, aged 43, died from an accident. The mother of two kids was hit by the truck; her husband is devastated by the news. 

Valentina Gioia was the director and television manager of the Married at First sight (MAFS) TV program, a British television program where couples are matched scientifically by a panel of experts. 

As per the show’s format, the couple meets at commitment ceremonies and chooses whether to continue their relationship or not; after that, they live together for a period of time and meet just a minute before they marry.

Recently a couple made from the show, Owen and Michelle celebrated their first wedding anniversary on the 14th of March 2021.

Here, Valentina was associated with the show for a long but no more now as she met an accident in Western Sydney.

Who Was Valentina Gioia MAFS TV Director? Death

Valentina Gioia, born in 1978, was the director of the TV program MAFS, which is one of the popular British TV shows that tend to make a match.

Unfortunately, on the 12th of October 2021, Tuesday around 10:30 a.m., an accident occurred at the intersection of Marion and Flood Street in Western Sydney, where she passed away at 43.

Valentina died after being hit by a truck, witnesses and merchants tried desperately to provide first aid to her, but nothing worked out. She was on her way shopping in Leichhardt when got hit by a vehicle.

Who Is Valentina Gioia Husband? Family Biography

A senior TV executive Valentina Gioia was married to Anthony Tripodi.

The couple were married for 9 years and was supposed to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

Together they had raised two children and had a beautiful family, but now her children will not be able to see her beloved mother.

Valentina Gioia Wikipedia Bio

Sadly, Valentina Gioia has not been featured on the official page of Wikipedia even though, being associated with the famous show; however, the show MAFS has its dedicated wiki page.

She has her information and details mentioned on other web pages and here in this article.

She has been serving the media industry for a long and her hard work and dedication will always be reminded. 

Let us pray for her departed soul to rest in peace and give courage to her beloved family in this difficult time.

MAFS TV Director Valentina Gioia: Crash update

Many witnesses witnessed the brutal accident that happened with the TV director Valentina Gioia.

Some witnesses also witnessed that he was looking at her phone and headphones and was not aware of the danger she walked in.

The driver was also in shock and was taken to the hospital for alcohol and drug testing.

The police arrived quickly and found she was badly injured on her head and could be resuscitated.