How Rich Is Magda Wierzycka? Everything To Know About CEO of Sygnia Limited

How Rich Is Magda Wierzycka? Everything To Know About CEO of Sygnia Limited

Magda Wierzycka’s growing net worth has resulted in her enlistment as one of the SA’s wealthiest women. 

Magda Wierzycka Is A South African Billionaire Businesswoman.

Well known as the founder of Sygnia, she also has an engagement as the non-executive director of the company.

What’s more, the business lady also acts as the part-time General Partner at Braavos Investment Advisers. 

Originally from Poland, she fled from her birth nation to South Africa as a refugee. She was just 13 at that time, as per Business Insider.

What Is Magda Wierzycka Net Worth And Salary?

Magda Wierzycka is believed to have a net worth in the billions.

No matter how much she earns, Magda puts 20% of her salary into retirement savings per site 702.

Emerging as SA’s leading businesswoman, Wierzycka directing a financial technology company with assets of over R180 billion.

Likewise, she has a shareholding of R 108 billion in Sygnia only as per News24.

An alumnus of the University of Cape Town graduated in 1993 in actuarial science.

Magda Wierzycka Husband And Family

Magda Wierzycka’s husband, Simon Peile, is also a businessman like her.

Simon currently works in Sygnia Asset Management as a contractual non-executive director.

Simultaneously, he is also involved as the Chairman and College Council at Bishops Diocesan College.

Before joining Sygnia, Magda’s husband worked as consulting actuary in other financial services as per LinkedIn

About her family, Magda Wierzycka shares two children with Peile.

We also discovered that her son graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Columbia this year in April.

She also seems to have a sister named Trisha Wierzycka.

Magda Wierzycka Age: How Old Is She?

Magda Wierzycka’s age is 52 years old.

According to her Wikipedia page, Magda’s date of birth is recorded in the year 1969.

Meet Magda Wierzycka On Instagram

Magda Wierzycka is present on Instagram as @wierzyckamagda.

There are only four posts on her IG, and she owns 378 followers.

The Cape Town resident could be found relatively more active on Twitter than Instagram and Facebook. 

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