What Really Happened To Marcus Lamb? Death Rumors True Or False Amid Illness

What Really Happened To Marcus Lamb? Death Rumors True Or False Amid Illness

Marcus Lamb, the CEO/Co-founder of the Daystar Television Network, has died today, as shared on the Twitter page. The rumors surrounding him have been deemed accurate. 

Marcus Lamb is a Christian pastor and broadcaster who has worked in Christian television since the mid-1980s.

The theologian is most known for co-founding and heading the Daystar Television Network, regarded as one of the top Christian television networks.

During the pandemic, Lamb utilized his network to spread a misunderstanding about the virus and its vaccine. He was widely chastised for his conduct, but he stood by his statements.

Is Marcus Lamb Still Alive? Death Rumoured Explored

Marcus Lamb has confirmed the death as shared on his Twitter account.

The cause of Marcus’ death has yet to be answered.

DayStar Television has confirmed his death, and he also shared the family wants their privacy to be respected as they mourn for their lost one. 

On Twitter, questions about his death have been stormed over as he’s was said to be in mad health condition due to illness. So the answers to all those questions will presumably be Yes.

Many rumors had been circulated that his health condition is worsening and he is in a critical condition.

However, no evidence has backed up the rumors. So we have regarded them as baseless rumors.

We hope Marcus Lamb is not in the condition as the rumors have described him to be in.

Marcus Lamb Illness Health Issues

According to reports, televangelist Marcus Lamb has been admitted to the hospital after testing positive with COVID-19.

The news was extensively spread on Twitter and Reddit on November 17, 2021. While some of his followers are concerned about his health, others say he received just punishment for disseminating incorrect information about covid in the past.

Reverand is yet to make an official declaration to confirm the story.

He has not received confirmation of his ailment from Covid, nor has he revealed any details regarding his health.

His followers’ comments sections on his tweets, on the other hand, are all filled with prayers and soon-to-be-recovered greetings.

According to Right Wing Watch, the televangelist has been infected with Covid and is very ill as a result.

Who Is Marcus Lamb?

Marcus Lamb was an American televangelist, preacher, and Christian broadcaster who practiced prosperity theology. He is also the CEO of Daystar Television Network, the world’s second-largest Christian television network.

Marcus launched The Word of God Fellowship, the corporation that would eventually launch the Daystar Television Network, in 1980, the same year he met his wife, Joni.

Lamb relocated to Montgomery, Alabama, in 1984 to launch WMCF-TV. This was the state’s first full-power Christian station.

After the television show Inside Edition exposed the church’s private aircraft purchase, Lamb’s Daystar TV was obliged to repay a United States government PPP loan in 2020. 

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