Maria Mendiola Dies At The Age Of 69 Due To Cancer: “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie” Singer Family Details

Maria Mendiola Dies At The Age Of 69 Due To Cancer: “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie” Singer Family Details

Maria Mendiola does not have a personal Wikipedia page yet, but she has a Wikipedia article covering her duo formation Baccara with Mayte Mateos. 

Maria Mendiola was a Spanish Singer and musician. She is best known for the song “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie”, the song was often considered to be the 1977 disco anthem. 

Her old song was trending during the summer of 2021 after the Scotland football team adopted the song as their unofficial anthem. The team’s fans and followers also enjoyed the song after a video of the football team members dancing enthusiastically to the song went viral on the internet. 

Who can resist their favorite players dancing to the beats right?

Let us learn more about Maria Mendiola and take a closer look at her Wikipedia and husband. 

Maria Mendiola Wikipedia And Age Explored

Maria Mendiola does not have a Wikipedia profile covering her wiki and bio yet despite being a well-known Spanish singer. 

She is covered in a Wikipedia article about her band Baccara with a fellow singer Mayte Mateos. The two performed together from 1977 to 1981. 

Mendiola’s actual age of 69 years old, when she passed away in September 2021. 

She was born in the year 1952 and celebrated her birthday on April 4, she was wished by her fans and friend on her birthday every year on her birthday. 

According to her actual date of birth, Maria had acquired Aries as her zodiac sign. 

Making predictions about her personality base on her zodiac sign, people with Aries as their zodiac sign tend to be very punctual and keep everything well planned.

Who Is Maria Mendiola Husband?

Maria Mendiola was a married woman with her family by her side during her last days.

However, she never revealed the name of her husband or her children on the web or to her fans and followers while she was alive. 

She met her husband while attending her partner Mayte Mateos’s marriage according to Am I Annoying. 

She was surrounded by her family while she passed away in Madrid recently. 

What Is Maria Mendiola Net Worth?

Maria Mendiola’s net worth might be over $1 million. 

However, she never revealed anything about her actual net worth yet. 

Similarly, we can suspect her major source of income as his career as a professional singer. 

Nonetheless, we are trying to verify her actual net worth as you read this article and the verified amount will be published soon.

Was Maria Mendiola Cause Of Death Cancer?

It is still unclear Maria Mendiola’s cause of death was cancer yet. 

None of the websites have confirmed her actual cause of death on the web yet. She was suffering from a long illness according to Celebsaga. 

Her death was announced by one of her bandmates Cristina Sevilla, on her Instagram account. 

Maria’s family also released a statement about her death and the statement included she died in Madrid surrounded by her family and loved ones according to Mirror