Why Was Marine Lt. Col Stuart Scheller Fired? Learn Everything About Him

Why Was Marine Lt. Col Stuart Scheller Fired? Learn Everything About Him

After a now-viral social media video demanding “accountability” from high leadership, a Marine Corps lieutenant colonel was fired on Friday.

On Sunday, he released a second video in which he seems to relinquish his commission as a Marine Corps officer.

The viral video crossed over 80,000 views in just a few days.

The controversial video’s main zist was that Scheller was unhappy with how the Military brass did not take any responsibility regarding ISIS attacks. 

The video starts by saying, “I’m not saying we should stay in Afghanistan indefinitely, but did any of you throw your hat in the ring and say, ‘Hey, it’s a horrible idea to evacuate Bagram Airfield, a strategic airfield, before we remove everyone?'”

“Is that anything that someone did? And did someone raise their hand and say, “We utterly messed this up,” when you didn’t think to do that?”

Is Marine Lt Col Stuart Scheller Fired?

It appears that Lt. Col Stuart Scheller resigned from the post. His statement denotes likewise.

“I could continue in the Marine Corps for another three years for him,” Scheller said, “but it isn’t the path I want to follow.”

He continues, “effective immediately, and I am quitting my commission as a United States Marine. I am giving up my pension, all of my benefits, and I don’t want a single dollar.”

“I have no desire to get any payments from the VA. “Even though I’m convinced I’m entitled to 100%, I don’t want any VA benefits.”

Marine Lieutenant Col Stuart Scheller was a Marine infantryman and battalion commander of the Advanced Infantry Training Battalion at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina’s East School of Infantry. 

Marine Lt Col Stuart Scheller Wife and Age

Stuart Scheller’s marital details are not yet disclosed. However, with the picture circulating on the internet, Scheller is married to her wife.

The glorious pair has three little children of their own and two dogs.

Stuart Scheller is probably in his late 30s and early 40s.

Marine Lt Col Stuart Scheller Wiki and Net Worth

Scheller has 17 years of active duty service in the United States Marine Corps. His international assignments have taken him to Beirut, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

After uploading the video, Scheller’s leadership was seized from him. He had been “relieved for a cause based on loss of trust and confidence as of 14:30 today,” according to a message on his Facebook page.

Congressman and veteran Dan Crenshaw tweeted about the event, stating Scheller is “pure class” and that “accountability must happen.” Congressman Matt Gaetz shared the video on Twitter, with over 2.5 million views, and said that “accountability must come.”

On a separate note, as Stuart is involved with the government officials, all the information regarding his Salary is not disclosed. Therefore, in addition to his recent statement on how he is not accepting pensions, we do not know how much he is worth.