Mark Feely

Mark Feely

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  1. 10 Facts on Mark Feely 

Mark Feely is a criminal from the United Kingdom. The man is a child predator and has harassed several underaged girls.

Feely is a pedophile and is attracted to young children. He has been caught for abusing children under 16 years. His name has arised in various sting operations of Safeguarding Kids Online and Midlands Online Child Protection.

Quick Facts: Mark Feely
Name Mark Feely
Age 40-45 years old
Gender Male
Nationality British
Ethnicity White

10 Facts on Mark Feely 

  1. Mark Feely is a British child predator. He is a pedophile and a wanted criminal. He has abused and harassed young girls online.
  2. Feely does not have a Wikipedia or biography. However, his name has become headlines in various online portals.
  3. Mark is a citizen of the UK. So, his nationality is British and ethnicity is white. Moreover, the man is a Christian by religion.
  4. Feely should be somewhere at the age of 40s. But his age and birthday facts are not yet disclosed. Besides, he is nicknamed “Nonce of the north”.
  5. Mark is a nice looking man with a decent height. By his appearance, he looks like a gentleman. However, his mentality and behavior are far from normal people.
  6. Feely’s relationship status is unknown. He might be single and does not have kids. Also, nothing about his parents and family are found on the web.
  7. Mark’s psychotic condition is not good. He suffers from a disorder known as pedophilia. That’s why he has feelings towards young-aged children.
  8. Feely has been arrested several times by the police. Also, he has been caught red-handed during sting operations. But he was not jailed. Instead, he was moved into hotels and hostels.
  9. Mark comes in contact with the girls via social media. He has a TikTok account but for now, it has been deleted. After arrest, there was fake news of him being stabbed.
  10. However, Feely is not dead yet. Moreover, he is released from police custody. And the man has altered his appearance and is still predating on children. 

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