Who Is Markitos Toys? Publisher of Videos About Motor Vehicles, Off-road Vehicles, and Vlogs

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Who Is Markitos Toys? Publisher of  Videos About Motor Vehicles, Off-road Vehicles, and Vlogs

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MarkitosToys is a very popular Youtuber as well as Influencer who has millions of followers in his Instagram account and other social media platforms. He was born in Culiacán, Sinaloa on November 8, 1998, and now is considered as a famous celebrity in Mexico.

Name MarkitosToys
Birthday November 8, 1998
Age 22
Gender Male
Nationality Mexican
Profession YouTuber
Children 1
Instagram markitostoys
Youtube Markitos TOYS

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10 facts on MarkitosToys

  1. MarkitosToys opened the youtube channel on July 6, 2019. He had no intension to earn money through Youtube but if he made the profit then he decided to distribute money for needy people. 
  2. He is just 22 years old Influencer and Youtuber who has millions of followers. Markitos became popular as soon as he made videos on youtube. People started subscribing to his channel and they also loved his friend “El vitolas” and “El chiquete” who made their presence in the video.
  3. Markitos make videos on both his personal life and some are with his colleagues. In most of the videos, he shows up the beaches of Sinaloa with the luxurious cars.
  4. In January 2020, the company named  the Delta Group officially released the video of  MarkitosToys where it is showed about his hard work and patience. The video has gained 2M views in the first 3 months from its premiere.
  5. Despite of Youtube, he has also launched a caps with his own name and logo printed on it. However, he has decided to give all profit money to the needy people.
  6. Following his bio, we can find he has a daughter with whom he often posts a picture on his social media account. She also has an Instagram account and has more than 27k followers. 
  7. He’s one of the closest friend El vitolas real name is Victor. However, his real name is still not disclosed.
  8. Markitos has not revealed anything about his family and siblings on the social media account. Also, he has disclosed pictures with his partner too.
  9. He has more than 1 M followers on his Instagram account and more than 1.5 M subscribers on Youtube.
  10. The net worth income of MarkitosToys is still under review.