Married to Real Estate: What Is DJ Fadelf Net Worth? Meet Egypt Sherrod Husband

Married to Real Estate: What Is DJ Fadelf Net Worth? Meet Egypt Sherrod Husband

Married to Real Estate cast, DJ Fadelf aka Mike Jackson has accumulated a whopping net worth by his career as a realtor and TV personality.

DJ Fadelf is a popular American realtor, contractor, and author. Besides, he is also a professional D.J, fitness trainer, and a TV star who features in HGTV’s show, Married To Real Estate.

Apart from that, Faldelf is a celebrity partner since he is married to Egypt Sherrod. She is a radio and TV personality known for her presence in sows like Flipping Virgins and Property Virgins.

Egypt is also a real estate broker and the owner of Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group. 

Married to Real Estate: What Is DJ Fadelf Net Worth?

DJ Fadelf and his wife, Egypt from Married To Real Estate has a combined net worth of approximately $10M.

Both of them are realtors, TV stars, and businessperson. Egypt and Fadelf together own Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group.

Besides, Fadelf owns Luxe Sound Entertainment and Kuzins Entertainment as well.  He also generates a hefty income from his appearance in TV shows.

As a whole, he is a millionaire who enjoys a glamorous life in Georgia, United States.

Meet Egypt Sherrod Husband:  DJ Fadelf And Explore His Wikipedia

DJ Fadelf is the husband of a realtor and radio-TV presenter, Egypt Sherrod.

The couple got married on 11 September 2010. They first met in New York where Egypt was hosting a show.

Fadelf fell in love at first sight but Egypt was not ready to begin a new relationship. He only succeeded when the two began working together in her home-flipping business.

They began dating in the year 2004 and got engaged four years later. Finally, in 2010, they initiated their blissful conjugal life. 

Despite being a reputed personality, DJ Fadelf urf Mike Jackson does not have a published Wikipedia bio.

As per LinkedIn, he studied accounting and finance at Nassau Community College. Likewise, he graduated with audio recording technology from Five Towns College.

Fadelf kicked his glorious career as the owner of Kuzins Entertainment and later, established Luxe Sound Entertainment. In 2015, he became a realtor for Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group.

Apart from that, Mike is a DJ, fitness trainer, TV host, author, and whatnot.

DJ Fadelf Age: How Old Is He?

DJ Fadelf’s age falls in the range of 45 to 55 years. On the contrary, his partner, Egypt is 45 years old.

Although the precise date is unknown, he cuts the cake in November of every year. In 2017, he celebrated the occasion in The Rose Bar.

Fadelf is an American citizen but his ethnicity is obscure. Moreover, his real name is Mike Jackson.

Everything About DJ Fadelf Kids And Family

DJ Fadelf has a happy family of five including three kids.

He has an elder daughter, Simone from his past union. Besides that, he has 2 of his daughters named Kendall and Harper from his current wife, Egypt.

Fadelf sustains a wonderful life with his gorgeous family in Georgia.

Does DJ Fadelf Have Instagram?

DJ Fadelf can easily be found on Instagram as @djfadelf.

As a TV star and social media influencer, he has amassed 31.3K followers. Likewise, he posts pictures of his daily life activities via his account.

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