Who Is Dj Mike Jackson How Old Is She? Details To Know About The Cast Of Married To Real Estate

Who Is Dj Mike Jackson How Old Is She? Details To Know About The Cast Of Married To Real Estate

Married to Real Estate‘s DJ Mike Jackson, age seemingly around 40 to 50, has joined hands with his wife to launch their own reality show.  

Mike Jackson is a DJ and entertainer.

Besides his involvement in the entertainment business, he also acts as a builder, model, actor, and entrepreneur. 

Mike Jackson is well known as a star of the reality show Married To Real Estate, which premieres on HGTV in January 2022. This reality show displays how Mike and Egypt make a successful balance of their marriage and a real estate business.

Married To Real Estate: How Old Is DJ Mike Jackson? Age

DJ Mike Jackson’s age appears to be between 40 to 50 years old if judged from his visual pictures.

We did not find a clue about his real age or actual year of birth. The Scorpio Mike’s birthday falls on the 11th of November. One additional thing we found is he and his wife shares the same birthday month and both of them have a zodiac sign Scorpio. Well, his wife’s birthday falls six days later than his as his wife was born on the 16th of November.

Details On DJ Mike Jackson Family 

DJ Mike Jackson’s family consists of his wife Egypt Sherrod and their children.

Well, as per Essence, he got wedded to his award-winning Real Estate Broker wife Sherrod in 2010 and they parent three daughters together. 

More on his better half and mother of his kids, Mrs. Jackson has engagement as a host of HGTV’s Property Virgins, Flipping Virgins, and Urban Oasis. Likewise, she also acts as the CEO of The Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group.

That’s not all; besides being a businesswoman, celebrity radio, and television personality, Egypt Sherrod also has authored a book titled Keep Calm…It’s Just Real Estate.

DJ Mike Jackson Wiki

Mike Jackson has no Wikipedia page as he is still an emerging figure in the entertainment field.

Nonetheless, there is enough coverage of him in the virtual platforms. According to AJC, he used to formerly be a DJ, but now he owns family-run Jackson Draper Renovations.

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