Marta Xargay Net Worth & Wiki: Meet Breanna Stewart Fiance On Instagram

Marta Xargay Net Worth & Wiki: Meet Breanna Stewart Fiance On Instagram

Breanna Stewart’s fiancee Marta Xargay net worth amounts to $1 million from her career in basketball.

Marta Xargay is a Spanish basketball player.

Most recently, she made headlines after a fellow basketball player Breanna Stewart proposed to her for marriage. The two have been dating for some time now.

Marta shared the engagement moments on Instagram and has already started calling Breanna “wifey”.

Professionally, Xargay is associated with Phoenix Mercury and is currently training in the team’s camp. Earlier, she had played for the team during the 2015 and 2016 seasons.

Interestingly, Marta and Breanna’s teams are set to face each other in a preseason game on Saturday. But, it’s not announced if they both will be playing.

What Is Marta Xargay Net Worth?

Phoenix Mercury player Marta Xargay’s net worth is reportedly $1 million.

But, further details about her salary and contract are not revealed. 

Similarly, Marta’s fiancee Breanna also has a considerable net worth of $1.4 million, according to Players Wiki.

Does Marta Xargay Have A Baby?

Basketball star Marta Xargay doesn’t currently have a baby. 

Also, she and her partner Breanna have not announced any immediate plans to start a family.

Marta has, on occasions, shared pictures of a baby on her Instagram, which many of her followers could have misunderstood as her biological child.

However, the Spanish athlete mentioned the baby as her niece.

Additionally, Xargay’s fiancee Breanna has frozen her eggs as a precaution, in case she gets seriously injured.

Is Marta Xargay On Instagram?

Marta Xargay is a significantly famous personality on Instagram

At the moment, she has over 50k followers on her Instagram handle, which goes by the username @martaxargay.

Marta mostly shares her personal life moments on the platform. Her account is filled with pictures of her family members, including her mother, niece, father, pet dog, and more.

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