Martin Walls Did A Face Reveal On TikTok But Deleted ASAP- Here’s All We Know

Martin Walls Did A Face Reveal On TikTok But Deleted ASAP- Here’s All We Know

Martin Walls Face Reveal: Throughout his YouTube career, he has never shown his face. Let’s find out his age and relationship details.

Martin is a Chilean YouTuber and artist best known for his analog horror series The Walten Files.

On October 10, 2014, he joined YouTube. He would not, however, be permitted to publish any videos for another four years.

However, in August 2019, he began uploading the music on his channel FNaF fangame named “Welcome to Bon’s Burgers.”

Similarly, on April 26, 2020, he published The Walten Files1-Company Introductory tape, his first official episode of The Walten Files. This video becomes famous and begins to increase in popularity.

His YouTube channel now has 192k followers.

Martin Walls Face Reveal TikTok

Even though Martin Wall has hundreds of followers, not everyone has seen his real face.

Martin, like many other social media stars, interacts with his fans using an avatar.

Fans have hoped to see the guy behind the avatar for a long time. All his fan following are curious to know his real identity.

Martin allegedly revealed his face on TikTok on July 19.

The YouTuber only had it for a couple of minutes. Martin resembles his avatar, according to those who have seen his face.

During his face reveal, the YouTuber also requested that his followers refrain from taking screenshots or sharing photographs of him on the internet.

While fans want to respect his desires, many are disappointed that they did not get to meet the guy behind the popular YouTube channel.

Others, on the other hand, have been replicating Martin’s appearance by uploading drawings of him online. 

Martin’s decision to surprise his followers with a face reveal is admirable, and now fans can only hope that the YouTuber does it again.

Martin Walls Age And Real Name 

Martin Walls’s age is currently 20 years old.

He is his true name since he uses it on all of his social media accounts.

In the year 2001, he was born. Every year on June 28, he celebrates his birthday.

He is highly dedicated to his work, as seen by his active engagement.

Is Martin Walls On Twitter?

Martin Walls is active on Twitter with the username @smiles_bunny and has around 44k followers on his Twitter account.

After Martin revealed his face, Twitter was filled with conflicting comments.

People who were fortunate enough to see it can’t stop talking about it on the internet.

However, there are numerous more who are disappointed that they did not go. “Martin Walls conducted a face reveal, then erased it, and they were sleeping through it all,” one user said. I despise it here.

Others, meanwhile, blasted fans who had been spreading Martin’s face reveal screenshot despite his request that they are not doing so.