How Old Is Disney Actor Matthew Sato? Meet The Doogie Kamealoha MD Cast On Instagram

How Old Is Disney Actor Matthew Sato? Meet The Doogie Kamealoha MD Cast On Instagram

At the age of only 20, Matthew Sato is making another grand entry with the new Disney plus original, Doggie Kamealoha MD.

Matthew Sato aka Matt Sato is an American based actor as well as a model known for his roles in Chicken Girls, Hawaii Five-0, Save me and so on.

After multiple successful on-screen appearances, Sato is now back in another TV series, Doggie Kamealoha MD.

The Disney Plus original show features the normal teenage life of a group of teenagers making friends, finding love and saving lives, even though the last one is not that casual though.

As the first episode got released recently, all eyes are on the cast of the series as the viewers are eager to know more about them.

In this article, we take a look at personal life and details about the young actor, Matthew Sato.

How Old Is Matthew Sato?

Matthew aka Matt Sato’s age is 20 years old.

He was born on April 19, 2001, in Mililani, Hawaii, United States. Interested in the acting and entertainment industry from an early age, the first on-screen appearance of Matt Sato dates back to 2015.

IMDb reports that Sato first appeared on a TV series in 2015 in Hawaii Five- 0 when he was at the age of only 14 years old.

Does Matthew Sato Have A Wikipedia?

No. Matthew Sato doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia bio to this date.

Sato is still quite young and at the speed at which he is progressing in his acting career, Matt looks set to make a big name for himself.

So, if he continues giving on-screen appearances in TV series and shows, Sato soon will have his own Wikipedia bio.

For now, you can find more details about him on IMDb and other internet sites.

Who Are Matthew Sato Parents?

While Matthew Sato’s mother is Lara Lee, the real name of his father is not known to date.

The young actor has never really opened up about his parents, so their background information is unknown.

However, it is known that the artist has three brothers and one elder sister in his family.

Sato’s brothers are named Gavin, Brandon and Mark while his sister is named Ashley.

What Is Matthew Sato Ethnicity?

Talking about his ethnicity, Matthew Sato is thought to belong to the Japanese ethnicity.

This is only a guess since Sato is the most common surname in Japan as per google.

Similarly, his mother shares the surname Lee which is thought to be either Chinese or Korean.

Taking this into consideration, Matt Sato might be of mixed ethnicity between Japanese and Chinese or Korean.

However, as things stand, nothing about this matter is disclosed to the media and still remains unknown.

Who Is Matthew Sato Girlfriend Tori Keeth? Are They Still Together?

Matthew Sato started dating Tori Keeth in 2019 but later got separated in December 2020.

Whosdatedwho mentions that Sato and Keeth stayed together in a relationship only for around 2 years. Tori is also a fellow American actress just like Matt.

Now in 2021, Matt Sato doesn’t seem particularly to be dating anyone. Despite sharing pictures with several girls, they all seem to be somewhat related to the actor.

He has not mentioned any of them being his love partner in recent times.