Maury Terry Wikipedia: Who Is The Journalist Depicted In “The Sons Of Sam” Netflix?

Maury Terry Wikipedia: Who Is The Journalist Depicted In “The Sons Of Sam” Netflix?

Maury Terry’s mention on the Wikipedia page of David Berkowitz identifies him as a journalist, who challenged the official verdict in the 70s serial murder case.

Maury Terry was an American journalist famous for his investigation into the “Sons of Sam” killing spree back in the late 1970s.

Maury was known for pushing his narrative that the serial murders that took place in New York in the 70s were not the act of one man. Instead, he believed a team of Satan worshippers was involved in the murders.

Police authorities eventually arrested a man named David Berkowitz for the killings of eight people. But, Maury was convinced that David acted alone.

Maury is currently trending after he was featured in a Netflix crime documentary titled The Sons of Sam.

Maury Terry Wikipedia

Maury Terry was an American athlete turned journalist, whose story is set to be featured in the upcoming Netflix documentary titled The Sons of Sam.

Maury was born in 1946 in the month of June, but his precise birthday is not revealed.

Terry spent most of his adult life working on The Sons of Sam case. In fact, he was so obsessed with the murders that it eventually ruined his marriage.

Moreover, in 1987, he published the book titled The Ultimate Evil: The Truth about the Cult Murders: Son of Sam and Beyond.

In the book, the journalist presents his perspective on the Sons of Sam killings. He also pushes the theory that David Berkowitz was not acting alone but was involved with a team of Satan worshippers.

Maury eventually passed away in December 2015 at the age of 69 due to heart failure.

Maury Terry Wife And Family

Maury Terry had an ex-wife named Georgiana Byrne.

The couple first met in 1978 and got married in March 1980.

But, Terry’s obsession with The Sons of Sam murders eventually took a toll on their marriage as the two became distanced from each other. 

Eventually, Maury and his wife Georgiana separated but they continued to remain good friends until his death in 2015. Byrne even attended Terry’s and expressed grief over his demise.

Other than his ex-wife, there are no details of Maury’s other family members. It seems he never parented any children; hence, Terry’s bloodline should have ended with his death in 2015.

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