Does Meena Die In Emmerdale? Paige Sandhu Is Leaving But Why

Does Meena Die In Emmerdale? Paige Sandhu Is Leaving But Why

Paige Sandhu, cast as Meena Jutla, has been rumored to leave on the Show Emmerdale. Does She Die in Emmerdale? Her fans are curious to know the actual truth. 

The actress Paige Sandhu is a cast on the Show Emmerdale as where her character Meena Jutla might die very soon.

Emmerdale is a British tv drama set in Emmerdale, a fictional Yorkshire Dales village that first aired on the ITV network on October 16, 1972.

The Emmerdale farm was created by Kevin Laffan, where interior scenes have been filmed at The Leeds Studios. In contrast, the exterior scenes were first filmed in Arncliffe in Littondale and later shot at Esholt but are now shot at a purpose-built set on the Harewood estate.

The show has been broadcast on International platforms, like in Ireland, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, Australia, and North America. 

Does Meena Jutla Die In Emmerdale? Paige Sandhu Is Leaving

Paige Sandhu’s leaving from the show or death has yet to be confirmed.

Even though she is leaving the show, there is a high possibility that ITV would not release such information in advance.

They will surely keep it secret to keep the suspense.

Meena Jutla From Emmerdale Death From Fire Explained

Paige Sandhu, characterized as Meena, has been given a fire challenge alongside Priya Sharma and Andrea Tate, a terrifying scene. But none of the official pages have confirmed her death in the scene.

The scene shows there is already a killer intent inside the maze as Meena has cornered Andrea and is preparing to kill her, but the event is about to take a disastrous turn. 

Meena intends to kill Andrea as she witnesses her trying to drown Victoria Barton.

However, there is no accurate information if she dies in the scene or not. Hopefully, it will be clear in the upcoming episodes.

Paige Sandhu Family Parents 

Talking about Paige Sandhu’s deeds, she has been quiet about her birthdate and age, and even her family background.

She has not uncovered her parent’s profile; however, it is visible that she was born to Indian parents and is based in London.

Her ethnicity is described as “Indian-British,” and she also has a strong Indian heritage. 

Know Paige Sandhu’s Illness. Know Her Health Update

Previously Paige Sandhu has stated that she had battled with insomnia and anxiety. 

A 24-years-old actress was struggling with these before she landed in Emmerdale. 

She said she got these when she had no job and was struggling in life. Her mental health status has not been updated as of yet.

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