Meet Egypt Covington Father Chuck And Mother Tina Turner -Where Are They Now? Details To Know

Meet Egypt Covington Father Chuck And Mother Tina Turner -Where Are They Now? Details To Know

Who are Egypt Covington’s father and mother Chuck Covington and Tina Turner? Find more about them below.

Egypt Covington was a 27 years old woman, who was murdered in her home.

She was found murdered around four years ago in 2017 on the 23rd of June. She got murdered in Van Buren township.

The case of Egypt’s murder has remained unsolved to this date and her murderers have still not been punished yet. In 2020, the concerned authority has promoted cash rewards of $30k to those who will tell about the deceased Covington and her murderers.

Following the upcoming release of Dateline which features Egypt’s story on October 22, we will be reliving the story dated back four years ago once again.

Meet Egypt Covington Father Chuck Covington And Mother Tina Turner 

Egypt Covington’s father Chuck Covington and mother Tina Turner are still waiting for their daughter to get justice.

Her father is currently involved as a CEO at People’s Transit Limited. 

We think her parents have already been divorced as we can see Egypt’s father’s facebook filled with another female Kristin Covington. This is enough to indicate that Egypt’s father has already remarried Kristin and the latter one also holds the surname ‘Covington’.

In 2017, Egypt was found dead inside her house with a gunshot wound to the back of her head. After the demise of the young lady, her father warned her killers to turn themselves in and also told them that they would never be able to walk with head held high.  

The three men suspected of gunning down Egypt are named Shandon Ray Groom, Timothy Eugene Moore, and Shane Lamar Evans. And, they are awaiting their trials as per MLive.

More On Egypt Covington Age and Wikipedia

Egypt Covington died abruptly at the young age of 27.

If alive now, the 1989-born Egypt would have been in her early 30s at present. 

According to the Cinemaholic, the Belleville, Michigan resident, Egypt, worked at a beer and wine distributing company as an account manager and also was a local singer. In fact, she had followed her passion for music and got involved in the singing sector.

Who Is Egypt Covington Husband? Details On Her Marriage

As far as we know, Egypt Covington was not married during the time of her death.

So, the details about her husband or partner and marriage remain questionable till now.

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