Mel Waring Age: Meet Nathan Lyon’s Former Partner and Daughters On Instagram

Mel Waring Age: Meet Nathan Lyon’s Former Partner and Daughters On Instagram

Mel Waring is best recognized as the former partner of the famous Australian cricketer, Nathan Lyon. It has been three years since the couple split after Nathan left her for a glamorous blonde real estate agent, Emma McCarthy.

At the time, when the cricketer was caught kissing Emma, he was still in a relationship with Mel. 

Quick Facts:

Name Mel Waring
Age 32
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Married/Single Single
Instagram mel.waring._

Meet Nathan Lyon Ex-Partner and Daughters 

Mel Waring is better known to the world as Nathan Lyon’s ex-partner. She refers to him as her first love. Prior to their nasty and scandalous breakup, the two were in a nine years-long relationship. Together, the couple has two beautiful daughters: Harper and Milla. 

On Friday, Mel Waring shared a dedication video clip of their daughters as he celebrated 100 test matches. Her daughters congratulated their father for accomplishing the milestone in his career and apologized for not being present in Queensland to watch his game.

The adorable sisters cheered their dad by yelling out “Go Gary”. 

Mel Waring is known to share her daughters’ images on her social media. However, her Instagram lately is made private. 

Nathan Lyon and Mel Waring’s Messy Split

Nathan Lyon and Mel Waring ended their nine-year-long relationship in 2017. Around that time, Nathan Lyon was caught passionately kissing Emma McCarthy while he was still together with Mel Waring. Given the circumstances they both were in, it invited controversy on Nathan’s part. 

It looked as though he left his long-time partner and the mother of his two children for a second person. However, it has been reported that they had already separated for a while when he was caught making out and holidaying with the Perth based real estate agent. 

Not only was Mel left heartbroken after their split, but their scandalous affair also rocked the entire cricket community. Mel has documented her heart-breaking breakup on her blog, Life of Lyons. She started her blog in March 2018 to overcome her break-up. 

Mel Waring revealed that she felt the odd one out among the Australian cricket WAGs group. A lot of her insecurities originated post her pregnancy. However, to overcome that, she has started working out and has lost 22 kg in just six months’ time. 

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