Mélanie Maynard Conjoint: Details To Know About The Actress

Mélanie Maynard Conjoint: Details To Know About The Actress

A few years after Mélanie Maynard’s divorce from her ex-conjoint Camille, she started a relationship with her boyfriend, which has been revealed recently. 

Melanie Maynard is a Canadian actress, improviser, screenwriter, and animator who is widely known for her roles in the movies In a Galaxy Near You and its second part, Happy Feast, and others.

Not just for being an actress, but she is also known as the mother of the actress and author Rosalie Bonenfant. 

Melanie has also been hosting several shows for many years, and she has had numerous secondary roles in different movies and Tv shows. 

Many people are concerned about knowing more about her personal life, like her husband, family, and others. 

Mélanie Maynard Conjoint And Family

Mélanie Maynard was previously married to her estranged Conjoint Camille Bonenfant. 

Melanie and Camille had a daughter together, and she also is a wonderful actress and an author named Rosalie Bonenfant. 

There is not much detailed information regarding her husband; Also, there is no information on when they got married or divorced and how long were they together. 

However, Melanie, Camille, and their daughter were together in an event in Morocco, even after their marriage, in the year 2014.

Regarding her family, it seems that the only member of her current family is her daughter. 

But Still, it has been recently found that she is in a relationship with Diego, who is 13 years younger than her. 

He, too, might be a part of their family if they are living together. But there are no confirmed details. 

Mélanie Maynard Age And Wikipedia

Mélanie Maynard’s age is 48 years old. 

She was born on October 4, 1972, in Guardian Angel, Canada. 

Regarding Wikipedia, she is on the French version of the Platform.

Since she is a renowned personality in Canada, it seems obvious that she has a page on the Platform. 

Her Wikipedia page consists of her personal as well as most of her professional details. Mélanie started her career in the year 1999 with several radio shows. 

Later, she shifted towards video media and also became an actress. 

Meet Mélanie Maynard On Instagram

Mélanie Maynard is verified on Instagram under the username @melaniemaynardofficiel

She has around 107k followers on her handle. 

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