Who Is Melanie Perkins’ Husband Cliff Obrecht? Canva Founder Listed Among The Richest Australians

Who Is Melanie Perkins’ Husband Cliff Obrecht? Canva Founder Listed Among The Richest Australians

Canva’s CEO and co-founder, Melanie Perkins is married to her long-term boyfriend-turned-husband, Cliff Obrecht.

Melanie Perkins is a well-known entrepreneur. She is one of the youngest and top female CEOs of a tech start-up company in Australia.

Perkins attended Sacred Heart College. She was interested in business and making money. At 14, she began selling her handmade scarves at shops and markets.

Melanie got enrolled in the University of Western Australia. She studied BA in communications, psychology, marketing, and management but dropped out later.

In 2007, Perkins founded Fusion Books with her partner. All of her family members supported her and within years, the company extended to France and New Zealand.

Amid it, Melanie took a private graphic designing course. She found flaws in the designing sector which led to the establishment of a renowned graphic design company, Canva. 

Who Is Melanie Perkins Husband: Cliff Obrecht?

Melanie Perkins and her husband, Cliff Obrecht are business partners and the founders of Canva.

The couple first met at the university. They were so like-minded that they ended up being in a romantic relationship.

Perkins and Obrecht grew together and opened Fusion Books in 2007. Cliff is the managing director whilst Melanie is the founder and director.

In 2012, the couple collaboratively established Canva. As of today, it is one of the biggest graphic design companies with a valuation of $15B.

Melanie and Cliff dated for over a decade. Finally, they were joined in holy matrimony in January of 2021.

Melanie Perkins Net Worth Revealed

In 2021, Melanie and Cliff have a joint net worth of $7.98 billion.

The couple falls under the tenth wealthiest Australians. Perkins solely had a net worth of $3.43B in 2020. In the same year, she was named Forbes ‘Top Under 30 of the Decade’.

Furthermore, Perkins is the second richest woman all over Australia. 

Who Are Melanie Perkins Parents?

Melanie Perkins was raised by her parents in Western Australia.

She has not disclosed their names. But her father hails from Sri Lankan and Filipino descent and is an engineer by profession.

On the other hand, Melanie’s mother is Australian and worked as a teacher. Both of her parents supported her a lot in her business ventures.

Melanie Perkins Age: Meet The Canva CEO On Instagram

The actual age of Melanie Perkins is 33-43 years.

Her precise birthday details are behind the curtain. But she is an Australian citizen with mixed ancestry.

Perkins shows her online presence via Instagram and Twitter.

She goes with the username @melaniecanva on both of her accounts. Moreover, she has obtained 9.9K and 31.6K followers respectively.