Melissa Butts

Melissa Butts

Melissa Butts is an actress, comedian, and editor in the entertainment industry known for Anything for Love, Penn & Teller Tell a Lie, 8, and Buried in the Backyard. 

Melissa is well-established in the industry, even as a director and producer. Her latest project was Murder in The Thirst that aired in 2019.

Quick Facts:

Name Melissa Butts
Age 34
Gender Female
Height 5 Feet 4 Inches
Nationality American
Profession Comedian
Married/Single Single
Twitter @thebuttsmelissa
Youtube Melissa Butts

10 Facts about Melissa Butts

  1. Melissa Butts was born in 1986 in LA. Currently, her age is 34 years old. The details about her birthday, childhood, and family details are not revealed. 
  2. There is no Wikipedia profile for Melissa Butts. There is a mini-bio in the IMDB profile about her. One can find a few other sites on the internet that have relevant information about Melissa.
  3. Melissa Butts is chubby in nature. She stands at a height extending 5 feet 4inches tall from the ground. Her appearance is charming on screen. 
  4. There is very little information about Melissa’s personal life in the media. We do not have any information about her relationship status and neither has she ever spoken about a boyfriend. We assume the actress is happy in her private life. 
  5. Melissa is socially active on the internet. She holds a Twitter account and a Youtube account. The Twitter handle has 203 followers & the Youtube handle has 26 subscribers. However, she seems non-existent on Instagram.
  6. Melissa started her career in the entertainment industry as an actress in early 2007. Her first project was a TV series, The Winner. Her last project in the industry as an actress was Downside of Love that aired in 2020.
  7. After acting, Melissa also introduced herself as a producer and editor. Her latest project as a producer was Mysterious Ways in 2018 & as an editor was Murder in the Thirst that aired in 2019. 
  8. Butts has earned six credits as an actress, five credits as a producer, and seven credits as an editor. 
  9. Melissa is also famous as a stand-up comedian. She posts her videos on her YouTube channel. 
  10. The Twitter handle of Melissa also introduces herself as a Karaoke Diva.

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