Who is Mesquite Police Richard Houston? What To Know About Texas Officer Shot To Death

Who is Mesquite Police Richard Houston? What To Know About Texas Officer Shot To Death

Richard Houston is a brave police officer of the Mesquite Police Department who was shot to death on December 3. 

On December 3, 2021, Mesquite Police Department dispatched some officers after they received a call of disturbance from the S. BeltLine in the City of Mesquite. 

One of the officers responding to the disturbance call was Richard Houston. He and the other officers were investigating the case when a fatal shooting took place. 

Officer Houston and a male suspect were shot during the shooting. 

This incident has made people curious about Officer Richard Houston so let us get to know him better. 

Who is Mesquite Police Officer Richard Houston?

Richard Houston was an experienced police officer with an extensive history of working in the law enforcement industry. 

Houston, a graduate of Sam Houston State University, was skilled in tactical operations, homeland security, interviewing, and firearms instruction, as per his LinkedIn profile. 

He joined Mesquite Police Department in 2001 and remained with the team until his death in 2021. During his time in the department, he worked on a broad range of assignments. 

He served as a patrol officer, field training officer, tactical officer, criminal investigation (CID), and more. Houston was also an FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Member. 

The police department honored him with a Certificate of Merit for assisting the Garland Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety in the arrest of three suspects of a stolen car.

Houston was assigned to Patrol Operations at the time of his death. 

Richard Houston Was Shot To Death- Is The Suspect Arrested?

Richard Houston was shot to death during an investigation on December 3. 

He was involved in a fatal shooting when responding to a disturbance call. Houston and a male suspect were shot in the altercation. 

Both of them were in critical condition and were rushed to a nearby hospital. A of now, the suspect remains in the hospital so he is not yet arrested. 

Officer Houston is survived by his family and he will certainly be missed by his family and colleagues. 

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