Meteorologist: Where Is Jim Cantore Now? Everything On His Wife And More

Meteorologist: Where Is Jim Cantore Now? Everything On His Wife And More

Jim Cantore is currently on a journey that has taken him to the major city of Charlotte in North Carolina as dictated by mother nature. 

Jim has gained recognition mostly for his live coverage of significant weather phenomena, including Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Laura, and many more. 

After more than 35 years, viewers know Jim enough by now to know that if a storm is nearby, Jim is sure to be there. 

Even on his Twitter page, his location has been entered as “Up to mother nature.” 

Meteorologist: Where Is Jim Cantore Now? 

As per Twitter, Jim Cantore is currently in Charlotte, North Carolina. He moves across different states in the United States following storms and hurricanes to give viewers the best and current weather coverage. 

It’s been widely agreed upon by all viewers alike that if Cantore finds his way into your city, it is a sure sign to either evacuate or take cover. 

One user with the username @Kilroy tweeted out, “Well, Jim Cantore was seen arriving at CLT airport, so something big is happening!!” 

Jim Cantore Wife -Who Is He Married To?

Jim Cantore has not married anyone after his divorce from Tamra Zinn in 2009. However, he is not single and hopes to marry his better half, Britley Ritz, one day.

Though they appear as each other wedding date when they have to attend a wedding, they have yet to tie the knot themselves. They go on trips together. They love it when it is just them and nature. 

Britley’s Instagram page is littered with pictures of them having fun and having the best of time with each other. Britley Ritz works at The Weather Channel as a meteorologist. The two have been engaging in a romantic relationship since 2019. 

Jim Cantore Net Worth And Salary 2022 -How Much Does He Earn?

Jim Cantore enjoys a salary higher than the average salary of an American Meteorologist of $51K. It is estimated that he has a net worth of $3.5 million.

By profession, he is a meteorologist and has managed to snuggle in the hearts of the American people for being able to explain weather in a language understood by those not proficient in weather terms. 

Jim graduated from Lyndon State College in 1986. Born in Beacon Falls, Connecticut, and reared in White River Junction, Vermont.

In July of 1986, the Weather Channel offered him his first job as soon as he was out of college, and he has worked there ever since. 

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