Michael Kushner

Michael Kushner

Michael Kushner is known for his versatile professional capabilities. He is a cinematographer, actor, photographer, and expert contributor for backstage as well.

Moreover, he is New York’s active multi-hyphenate. Talking about his blossoming professional life, he kick-started his career as a theatre actor. Today, he is also a member of an actor’s organization named Actor Equity Association. 

After certain years, he tried photography and even got featured in some of the top-notch magazines like Vogue, The New York Times, etc for his works.

You can find even more details about him in this article, so keep reading.

Quick Facts:

Name Michael Kushner
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Instagram @themichaelkushner

10 Facts On Michael Kushner

  1. Michael Kushner earned name and fame in the entertainment business as a cinematographer, photographer, actor, producer, etc.
  2. Furthermore, Michael Kushner hasn’t disclosed his age. Also, we are unable to find his birthdate on web portals.
  3. Michael Kushner doesn’t have a Wikipedia but he has his own official website written about his career and personal life.
  4. In addition to facts, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Matter of fact, he has never talked about his dating life until the date.
  5. Michael has garnered more than 10 thousand followers on Instagram. He is a pretty savvy social media user.
  6. Furthermore, he has a successful career in showbiz. But, his net worth details aren’t available on public platforms until the date.
  7. The award-winning multi-hyphenate serves as an expert contributor for backstage cast and executive producer for “Indoor Boys”, a critically acclaimed award-winning comedy.
  8. Talking about height, he hasn’t mentioned how tall he is anywhere on media portals. Judging from his appearances, he is no less than a lady charmer.
  9. Michael created “Moo Withe Me” his one-man show set to make a comeback to New York City in 2021. 
  10. As a photographer, you can view his works at “Vogue”, “Forbes”, “The New York Times”, etc.

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