Meet Michael Strahan Only Son Michael Strahan Jr: Everything To Know About His Partner And More

Meet Michael Strahan Only Son Michael Strahan Jr: Everything To Know About His Partner And More

Michael Strahan Jr, aged 26, has already surpassed his legendary father in terms of social media popularity.

Michael Strahan Jr. is best known as the son of American football legend Michael Strahan and his first wife Wanda Hutchins.

Jr. is a young man who currently resides in New York City.

Following his Instagram account, we get to know that he enjoys playing basketball and wildlife nature. 

He has already graduated from the university.

How Old Is Michael Strahan Jr?

Michael Strahan Jr’s current age is 26 years old.

He was born in 1995 but his precise birthday details are not disclosed.

Michael Strahan Jr. Wikipedia info

Michael Strahan Jr. is the only son of Michael Strahan. He is the second child of Michael Strahan.

Further, he has three sisters. Tanita Strahan is his biological sister, while Isabella and Sophia Strahan are his half-sisters.

Michale is also a former student of the University of Texas at San Antonio. He holds a degree in psychology.

Moreover, Strahan Jr. has collected a good amount of followers on Instagram. He has over 4000 Instagram followers.

He has been active on Instagram since 2013.

Michael Strahan Jr. Girlfriend

Michael Strahan Jr.’s girlfriend is still unknown to this date. 

It seems like he wants to keep his relationship status private. 

Michael Strahan Jr. Father

Michael Strahan Jr.’s father is former American footballer Michael Strahan and Wanda Hutchins.

They got separated when Strahan Jr. was just a year old.

Strahan Sr. is a professional football player. He has a legendary career in football playing for 15 years from New York Giants. He is also a Superbowl champion in the year 2007. 

Apart from that, Strahan is also an American TV personality and journalist.

Michael is 49 years old as of 2021 and has looked younger than ever.

Is Michael Strahan Jr.’s Teeth Fixed?

Michael Strahan Jr.’s teeth are perfectly fine and he does not need any fixing in his teeth.

However, it was his father, Michael Strahan who had some issues with the teeth.  

Michael Strahan has a gap between his upper front teeth. Strahan posted a video about filling the gap between his teeth.

It was later revealed that Michael was having some fun on the internet on April fool day. 

Later, he admitted that he regretted doing a prank on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. His smile still shines bright.

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