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  1. 10 Facts on Minitoon

Minitoon Face Reveal is the request of more than 687k followers of Minitoon in the gaming and streaming platform Roblox and he seems to give a little bit of hint from recent tweet reply to one of the members of his fan.

Furthermore, he is one of the famous Roblox game creators who has gained more followers and recognition as he is known widely for Roblox Piggy games that have lured many viewers since he is known for creating masterpieces. Following many streamers stereotypes, he too has kept his personal life away from his streaming journey, and its obvious after being followed by a huge amount of users will sure ask him to reveal himself. If you are digging up to know more about him then below are ten interesting facts about him which we have collected from research.

Quick Facts: Minitoon
Name Minitoon
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Profession Youtube Streamer
Instagram darealminitoon
Twitter DaRealMiniToon
Youtube MiniToonRoblox
Facebook yourMiniToon


10 Facts on Minitoon

  1. Minitoon is one of the famous Canadian streamers known for creating Piggy games in Roblox, a gaming and streaming platform.
  2. About his birth, he was born and raised in Canada but we bare have information about his birthday and birthplace.
  3. Furthermore, assuming his age he must be at the age of twenties in the year 2020.
  4. Maintaining privacy, he hasn’t revealed his whole face for now, and recently there was a buzz after he revealed a vividly clear picture of himself.
  5. Similarly, we don’t have information about his real name too.
  6. Being popular and well followed must have given him perks of earning but there isn’t any information available about his net worth for now.
  7. Following his popularity, he has gained more than twenty-seven followers in his Instagram account
  8. Digging into his personal life, he hasn’t shared anything about his parents.
  9. Similarly, his relationship details are also kept under the shade.
  10. Lastly, he seems to be well built from his recent picture with decent height and maintained body.