Missing Frank Varey Dead Body Found- How Did The 16-Year-Old Boxing Star Die?

Missing Frank Varey Dead Body Found- How Did The 16-Year-Old Boxing Star Die?

Talented boxer Frank Varey has passed away after he drowned in a river during the 32C heatwave. 

Frank Varey was one of the youngest boxing stars.

Many of the celebrity athletes considered him as a future champion in their tributes to the young athlete.

Frank made a name for himself after winning several national championships from 2014 until 2019. 

He competed in the Rivera Box Cup in Torquay and fought against Muhammad Ali. He emerged victoriously and won the best junior boxer award. 

Missing Frank Varey Dead Body Found- How Did The Boxer Die?

Frank Varey tragically passed away on July 22, 2021. 

He drowned the River Dee, Cheshire, where he went for a swim with his friends. The temperature was 31C at the time, and he drowned due to the heatwave. 

However, he went missing from the water, leading to a seven-hour search for the young lad. The search team discovered a body in the river shortly before 8 pm.

The body was later identified as Varey’s. 

Frank was one of the 21 people who drowned during the heatwave in the UK. 

Following the news of his death, netizens from all over the world have paid their tributes to the young boxer.  

Professional World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury also paid his respect to young Frank and said he was a future world champ. 

One of the mates with Frank said they tried everything to save him and asked people to stay out of the rivers.

Many other athletes, including Olympic gold medallist Luke Campbell and Boxing Takent Coach John Stubbs, also mourned the loss of the rising boxing champ on social media. 

Frank Varey Age, Parents And Family

Frank Varey’s age was 16 years old at the time of his death.

His parents and family are devastated by his sudden and untimely demise.

Frank’s aunt said there are no words to describe their pain and requested people keep the boy’s mother and father in their prayers. 

Frank had a brother, who is also a boxer, and won the national championship in 2020. His brother’s name, along with his parents, is unknown at the moment. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Varey family. 

Frank Varey Instagram And Facebook

Frank Varey was active on Instagram under the username @frank.varey19

He had more than 21.3k followers on the platform. Similarly, the 16-year-old lad was also active on Facebook.