Missouri: Who Was Shabria Furlow? Shot To Death In St. Louis County Home invasion -Details To Know

Missouri: Who Was Shabria Furlow? Shot To Death In St. Louis County Home invasion -Details To Know

Shabria Furlow, age 23, was killed by a man when the girl tried to break into his house with an army of four men.

Shabria Furlow was the young girl who was shot to death on Tuesday when she tried to break into a house.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the incident took place on January 11 when Furlow tried to bust into a house in the 300 block of Lancashire Road.

After the invasion, the homeowner fatally shot the woman with his gun, leaving her dead.

While the man was taken to the police station for some questions, the officers later judged that it was a pure case of self-defense.

As a result, the unnamed man won’t be facing any charges relating to murder and since he is not charged, the officers have not revealed his name.

Who Was Shabria Furlow? Shot To Death In Home Evasion

Shabria Furlow was a Missouri-based young mom of two, who was killed in an attempted home evasion.

She used to live in the 3900 block of Brittany Circle Drive in Bridgeton and didn’t have any previous criminal histories.

Her professional details are still unknown but it is believed that she was busy taking care of her children and family.

Furlow’s relatives responded to the incident later and it was clear that they didn’t have an idea of their loved one’s wrongdoings.

All of them found it hard to believe what Shabria had done and are mourning her demise.

The reports say that the dead girl was familiar with the man and knew him from before.

He didn’t live there but used to visit his place often.

As they knew each other, Furlow tried to invade with four men, including two armed with guns.

While the lady was shot, the men fled the scene and the motive behind the breaking is not known.

How Old Was Shabria Furlow?

Shabria Furlow’s age was 23 years old.

Multiple sources, while reporting the happening, confirmed that the dead lady was at the age of only 23.

From that, we can conclude her birth year but her actual date of birth is unknown.

There s not much information about her early age and childhood details.

Shabria Furlow Wikipedia Bio

Shabria Furlow didn’t have a Wikipedia bio page.

Likewise, she was not recognized by any other online sites as well.

Furlow was a normal citizen and was not a media-covered personality.

Because of that, there are no detailed pieces of information regarding her personal as well as professional life.

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Last Modified: January 16, 2022

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