Monic Néron Conjoint: Everything To Know About The Journalist

Monic Néron Conjoint: Everything To Know About The Journalist

Monic Néron is a Canadian Journalist and a loving mother, while the details about her conjoint are yet to be known.

Monic Néron is a Radio Columnist and TV journalist from Canada. 

She is mainly known for her work as a journalist and a presenter in TV and radio programs for Radio Canada.

Monic become famous for her investigative works in the six-part documentary show on Netflix called Le Dernier Soir in 2019.

It is about solving the mystery of one of Quebec’s rare double murders of unsolved teenagers, namely Diane Déry and Mario Corbeil.

Monic has recently worked in the documentary movie La Parfaite Victime (2021), which is about justice for sexual assault on women.

Monic Néron Conjoint: Is She Married?

Famous journalist Monic Néron has yet to reveal any details about her conjoint.

Furthermore, she is a mother of a two-year-old son whose father is a mystery for now.

She has not mentioned anything regarding her boyfriend or about her ever being in a relationship as of now.

She seems like a proud mother who is happy to raise her child without a partner.

Monic Néron Age And Wiki

Monic Néron is a well-known journalist who is currently 35 years old, as mentioned in her Wiki

Similarly, she was born in La Malbaie, Quebec, on July 19, 1986.

Monic started her career as a radio broadcaster with CIHO-FM of Charlevoix in 2003 and made her name in journalism.

Later, she became a headliner for Le dernier soir, a documentary series on Netflix, in 2019.

It was the starting point of Monic’s career in television and as an investigative journalist for various TV channels.

Furthermore, she works in two shows on local channels while co-hosting a docu series called Second Chance with Marina Orsini in 2021.

Monic Néron Family And Instagram

Monic Néron has her son as her only family as she has not mentioned any other member of her family.

However, she is the daughter of Aime Néron, who has already departed from the world in 2016.

Her other family members include her mother, who is her only parent left, along with her sister Janie de Val Rita. 

Similarly, she is available on Instagram @monic.neron with a total of 6837 followers.

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