Monique Vermont Wikipedia: Learn Everything About The Actress

Monique Vermont Wikipedia: Learn Everything About The Actress

Despite being a renowned and talented actress of her time, Monique Vermont is not mentioned on Wikipedia. 

Monique Vermont is a Monegasques actress and Theatre personality widely recognized for her amazing acting in the 1960s when she was a popular child actress. 

She never tried to get into the media and movies as an adult, but people do not know why she did not continue as an actress in the further days. 

Also, she was popular, but in the current generation, there are not many people who recognize this amazing actress. 

Since she was only a child actress and was seen more than 5 decades ago, it does seem obvious that there is a lack of recognition for her in public.

People do seem concerned regarding her personal life and many other details regarding her professional too. 

Matters like her Wikipedia, age, husband, family, and other related terms are widely looked after. 

Monique Vermont Age And Wikipedia

Monique Vermont’s age is 71 years old. 

She was born on April 17, 1950, in Casablanca, Morocco. 

People can see Monique’s work in hit Tv shows, movies, and shows like The Music Ma, Don’t Call Me Charlie, and Wagon Train. 

Now, she is based in the United States, and she owns a theater dance academy in Norfolk, Virginia. There, she is also an artistic director. 

There is no more information regarding her professional career apart from these since she did not stay very long in the industry. 

Monique Vermont Husband: Is She Married?

Monique Vermont was previously married to her husband, Henry Frantz. 

They remained married for almost 2 decades – 19 years, to be precise – and in these years, they gave birth to one child. 

There is no information regarding either her husband or her child and their whereabouts. 

Monique married Henry in 1989 and stayed together until over a decade ago, and separated in 2008. 

Well, there are chances that she got married again after that and is married currently, but these are just assumptions, and no clear evidence is available yet. 

What Is Monique Vermont Net Worth?

Monique Vermont’s net worth must be somewhere about $500,000. 

Since she was an actress and now owns a popular theatre, she has a net worth of over half a million dollars. 

Well, more than her acting career, she might have earned her assets through her theatre productions. 

Where Is Monique Vermont Today?

While there is no precise information regarding there whereabouts of Monique Vermont, we know that she is alive and still running her theatre dance academy. 

However, any further information is not available to us. 

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