Who Is Monty Williams New Wife Lisa Keeth? Phoenix Suns Remarried After Ingrid Williams’ Death

Who Is Monty Williams New Wife Lisa Keeth? Phoenix Suns Remarried After Ingrid Williams’ Death

After over five years of the death of Monty Williams’ first wife, Ingrid Williams, he has recently gotten married to his new wife, Lisa Keeth. 

Monty Williams is an American professional basketball coach and former player who is widely known for his playing career from 1994 to 2003. 

Moreover, he is currently recognized as the head coach for the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 

Monty played for five different teams in the 9 years of his playing career. Monty has been currently seen a lot in the media after his recent new marriage life. 

His former wife faced a tragedy a few years ago, which was a trending matter at that time.

With all these changes happening, it seems obvious that people are very much concerned about Monty. 

Who Is Monty Williams New Wife Lisa Keeth?

The new wife of the renowned basketball personality Monty Williams is Lisa Keeth

Lisa Keeth is an American woman who is not a celebrity like her husband, but she is a part of the NBA. 

According to EcelebrityMirror, Monty’s new wife Lisa is the senior manager of partnership activation for San Antonio Spurs of the NBA. 

She is an educated person with a degree in marketing and other similar skills. Monty and Lisa have just got married in the latter half of the year 2020. 

Monty Williams Wife Ingrid Death Tragedy And Children

Monty Williams’ former and later wife had died in a very traffic car accident. 

She was hit on her head by a car that crossed over the center lane in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. 

Monty and Ingrid were married for over a decade, and they also had 5 children together. Losing a loving wife and mother was tragic for Monty and his kids. 

Monty and Ingrid’s children are their 2 sons and 3 daughters: Micah Williams, Elijah Williams, Faith Williams, Lael Williams, and Janna Williams. 

After 5 years of Ingrid’s death, Monty has finally been remarried and moved on. 

What Is Monty Williams Net Worth?

According to Celebrity NetWorth, Monty Williams’ net worth is somewhere around $9million. 

Considering the fact that he is a former player and current coach, his net worth is certainly not surprising.