Has Moonfallx Done A Face Reveal? Learn Everything About The YouTuber

Has Moonfallx Done A Face Reveal? Learn Everything About The YouTuber

Moonfallx’s revealed her face quite fast than the pre-determined time and conditions. Well, the YouTuber has not let her fans waiting in anticipation of her face reveal.

Moonfallx is a professional YouTuber and video creator. 

Love playing Roblox, she can be found making videos with bedwars content.

Has Moonfallx Done Face Reveal?

Moonfallx has already done her face reveal and her real face can be seen on her social media posts.

In 2018, the YouTuber made a video with the title Face Reveal. there, she answered some frequently asked questions made by her fans. And at that time, she was not ready to expose her real identity to the world.

So, one of her fans asked questions about her plans to do a face reveal. At that time, she replied that once her YouTube subscribers surpass 100k, she would think of showing her face to the public. 

But, Moonfallx did not let her fans wait for too long and fulfilled her followers’ wishes before the pre-determined time and conditions she mentioned.

Moonfallx Real Name And Age

Moonfallx’s real name seems to be Moon as she has introduced herself on every platform as Moon. 

Similarly, the young video creator Moonfallx is aged 20 years old at the time of this post. 

Is Moonfallx On Instagram?

Moonfallx is available on Instagram as @moonfallxbaby.

She mostly loves panda dolls and her room could be seen filled with plush toys.

Moonfallx Partner: Is She Dating or Married?  

Moonfallx’s is dating her partner Rainway for some time now.

Her love partner Rain also engages as a YouTuber and owns 365K subscribers in his YouTube channel, Rainway.

In her latest post on Instagram, the girl Youtuber Moonfallx shared a picture with a guy who seems to be her boyfriend, Rain. In the photo, they have not let their faces shown out. However, they can be seen holding each other’s hands. 

What Is Moonfallx Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn?

Moonfallx’s involvement must have given her quite a significant net worth amount.

As per Social Blade, she potentially earns an estimated amount of $327 to $5.2K per month from her YouTube channel. Similarly, her estimated annual earnings are listed between $3.9K to $62.8K.