Moshow The Cat Rapper Wikipedia: Everything To Know About

Moshow The Cat Rapper Wikipedia: Everything To Know About

Moshow, The Cat Rapper’s bio, has yet to be featured on Wikipedia. Continue reading to get more info on his age and real name.

Moshow The Cat Rapper, aka IAmMoshow, is a rap artist based in Maryland.

He is pretty notable for makings songs about cats and women who love them.

 IAmMoshow: Moshow The Cat Rapper Wikipedia And Age

Moshow The Cat rapper or IAmMoshow is just a stage name; his real name is Dwayne Molock.

He has been rapping from the young age of 16 years old; however, he started rapping about cats in his late-career.

Moshow calls himself the Internet’s premiere Cat Rapper. He makes his videos with his five cats; Sushi, Mega Mam, Lil Parmesan, DJ Ravioli, and Black $avage.

To date, he has released three albums, two of which are EPS. His latest album is Only Cat People Understand, which was broadcast in 2019.

The rapper used to attend York College of Pennsylvania.

Moshow The Cat Rapper’s actual age is 34 years old at present.

He was born in 1986 or 1987, as he has yet to disclose his exact date of birth.

Born and grown in Baltimore, Maryland, he currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

He also has been working with Million Cat Challenge to save cats in North America.

What Is Moshow The Cat Rapper Net Worth?

Statsmash has estimated YouTuber Moshow The Cat Rapper’s total net worth as $3000 as of July 2021.

However, he has yet to confirm the mentioned figure.

Being a rapper, we could assume he lives a luxurious lifestyle with his family.

Who Is Moshow The Cat Rapper Wife?

The Cat Rapper is married to his wife, EmSee. She seems to be a professional nail artist.

IAmMoshow and EmSee seem to be together for more than 11 years now.

Moshow and his wife are both fascinated with cats.

EmSee has around 9,999 followers with 1,117 posts in it. She is active with the name @emsee.

Follow Moshow The Cat Rapper On Instagram

Moshow The Cat Rapper, is active on Instagram, where he has more than 365k followers with 4,094 posts in it.

He has followed 259 accounts and runs the account under the username of @iammoshow.