Gianni Giannulli

Gianni Giannulli

Gianni Giannuli is famous businessman from California who is the son of worldwide fashion sensation Mossimo Giannulli. He is the son from first wife of his father and he owns a company The Smart Co.

Furthermore, being song to famous fashion icon he chose the different journey than his father’s journey and started getting interested in the area of food industry and build Smart Co widely known as Makers of the Smart tart which is toaster pastries mentioned to have 50% less sugar.

Quick Facts: Gianni Giannulli

Name Gianni Giannulli
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity Italian
Profession Businessman
Parents Mossimo Giannulli
Siblings Isabella and Olivia (half sisters)
Net Worth $500

10 Facts on Gianni Giannulli:

  1. Gianni Giannulli is the businessman from California and owns breakfast toaster pastries company known as the smart Co.
  2. He was born on California but details about his date of birth is not available yet, he seems to be at the age of late thirties.
  3. He does not seem to have a wiki bio but his father and step mother has their wiki profile.
  4. Owner of the breakfast toaster pastries company he currently has the net worth estimated around $500 thousand.
  5. Talking about his personal life, the information about him dating someone in not available and he is supposed to be unmarried.
  6. However, the detail about his birth mother is yet to be discovered though we all know he is son of Mossimo Giannulli.
  7. He has step-mother, famous actress Lori Loughlin and two half-sisters Isabella Rose and Olivia jade.
  8. Moving on to his physical features, he stands tall in his decent height and perfectly maintained body but the actual numbers are not available.
  9. He seems to be out of digital world with no use of social sites and staying away from medias.
  10. His father and step mother were taken in the custody in early 2019 where they were accused of having connection with college entrance exams misconduct scandal ran throughout the country where his father was bailed out for $1 million.



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