MP: Liz Kendall Partner- Is She Married? Everything To Know

MP: Liz Kendall Partner- Is She Married? Everything To Know


Liz Kendall is expecting a child through a surrogate, making her the first member of Parliament to do so. Here are the details to follow.

Kendall informs me that she and her boyfriend expect their first child in January, following a long and arduous fertility journey.

‘We’ve been through a lot to get here, but it’s finally happening, and we’ve been informing people this week,’ she says.

Furthermore, she will take maternity leave from both the Labour frontbench and as an MP when the baby arrives.

Who is Liz Kendall Partner- Is She Married?

It is unclear what Liz Kendall’s husband or boyfriend’s name is. 

So far, the only information we have is on her pregnancy.

Additionally, Liz Kendall and her partner consider themselves “unbelievably fortunate” to announce the arrival of their first child.

She further described the level of difficulty during her time to get pregnant with a child. Nevertheless, Liz and her partner are incredibly relieved to have an addition to the family finally.

Is Liz Kendall Pregnant? Details on her Pregnancy and Baby Leave

It was not easy for Kendall and her partner to get pregnant. 

To elaborate, Kendall had two miscarriages during the couple’s attempts to procreate, both of which necessitated surgery.

Likewise, Liz Kendall also spoke up in a parliamentary debate last month about her ‘debilitating’ menopause symptoms, which she had been experiencing for the past year.

She was praised for informing MPs about a “really dreadful sensation of fear and terror” she had never had before, as well as weariness, hair loss, and mornings when she could not sleep at all.

What is Liz Kendall Net Worth 2021?

Liz Kendall is estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 million. 

Further clarification and classification on her annual salary are yet to be disclosed.

Liz Kendall: Everything we know on her Wiki or Bio

On June 11, 1971, Elizabeth Louise Kendall was born. Likewise, she is a member of the British Labour Party who has served as the Member of Parliament for Leicester West since 2010.

Kendall attended Queens College in Cambridge, where she majored in history. She then served as Shadow Minister for Care and Older People from 2011 to 2015 and was invited to Shadow Cabinet meetings.

Following Ed Miliband’s resignation, Kendall ran for the Labour Party leadership in September 2015. Unfortunately, she was the final person to cross the finish line.

Kendall Junior was named Shadow Minister for Social Care outside the Shadow Cabinet by incoming Labour Leader Keir Starmer in April 2020.

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