Murder News: Who Is Quincy Promes Wife Jamie? Details To Know

Murder News: Who Is Quincy Promes Wife Jamie? Details To Know

Who is Quincy Promes’ wife Jamie Promes, his baby’s mama? Let’s explore more of his personal life below.

Quincy Promes is a Dutch footballer.

After the decision of him being charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault came to the surface, the athlete has managed to gain lots of public attention and also their scrutiny.

Murder News: Quincy Promes Wife Jamie

Quincy Promes is married to his wife and mother of his children Jamie as noted in his wikipedia.

Well, he also shares three kids: one boy and two daughters with his love partner, Jamie Promes.

Quincy and his wife made a huge headline in the year 2018 after the athlete was alleged of using physical violence on his wife. Because of this reason, Promes was arrested in June 2018 in Ibiza and was charged for beating his wife.

At that time, Quincy was released from custody through bail, and from then on the further details and investigation about their fights and punishment have not been put forward to the public. It seems the couple had already solved and settled their issues in a private way.

Details On Quincy Promes Knife Stabbing And Attempted Manslaughter

Quincy Promes has been alleged of knife stabbing and attempted manslaughter.

According to Mirror, the prosecutors have imposed charges of attempted manslaughter against an international forward player, Quincy Promes. A year ago, he was accused of stabbing his cousin’s knee at a family party for which he was put in police custody for a few days.

It is found that their heated arguments led to the serious injuries of Quincy’s cousin. As a result, his family member pressed charges against him for violence.

He was arrested on suspicion of stabbing his cousin around a year ago. His lawyer has tried hard in defending him. As forwarded by his lawyer, Quincy was not on-site at the time of the incident as found from ESPN. Promes’ lawyer also stated that the athlete is dedicatedly cooperating with the investigation.

Is Quincy Promes Arrested?

Quincy Promes is not arrested for now but it seems he will soon be.

Before this, he was arrested once around three years ago for a domestic violence charge. Later, he was again put under arrest in 2020 for being a suspect for his connection with his alleged involvement in a stabbing incident. Well, afterward, Quincy got released from jail sometime after being arrested.

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