What Is Nabela Noor Religion? Everything To Know About The Youtuber Amid Her Pregnancy News

What Is Nabela Noor Religion? Everything To Know About The Youtuber Amid Her Pregnancy News

Nabela Noor is a Bangladeshi Muslim who is proud of her religion, was once forced to talk about Islamophobia. 

Nabela Noor is a well-known Bangladeshi-American Youtuber, model, social media influencer, and successful entrepreneur.

Nabela is one of the most followed people on youtube, in terms of beauty and makeup. 

Noor started her career as a Youtuber in 2013. She had launched her fashion brand in June 2019.

Nabela Noor is recognized for giving sizzling beauty secrets that will make you look amazing, as well as empowering sentiments that will make you feel amazing. 

She is a self-love campaigner and a first-generation Bangladeshi-American entrepreneur.

Nabela Noor Religion: Is She Muslim?

Yes, according to her posts, Nabela Noor’s religion is Muslim. 

Nabela has cleared revealed her religion a long time ago, back in 2016. 

She never used to talk about religion, but since the rise of islamophobic issues, she is forced to support her religion. 

A video titled “Dear America | From a Muslim-American,” was released back in 2016 on Nabela’s channel.

In the video, Nabela got personal about her faith to express her displeasure and grief over the rising trend of Islamophobia in America.

It was the time when islamophobic issues were on rise due to the Paris attack in France. 

Noor still speaks about her religion and has been seen tweeting about the disbelief and racism about other religions too. 

Who Is Nabela Noor Husband Seth? Is She Pregnant? 

Nabela Noor is married to her husband Seth Matin, and the couple recently shared the good news that she is pregnant.

The pregnancy news came after one of the Instagram posts by Noor. 

The caption on the post was that their baby is coming in spring 2022. Another post followed releasing the first look of a baby through Ultrasound. 

The video also shows that they first got to know about the pregnancy on the 1st of June. 

Talking about Seth, he is the co-founder of Love and Noor. The couple tied the knot in August 2015.

Seth Martin was born on 23rd September 1991, in Pennsylvania, United States. 

Noor and Seth regularly share photos of each other on social media and tag one other with the nicest touching remarks.

Where Does Nabela Noor Live?  

Nabela Noor is currently living in the United States of America. 

She lives in a very luxurious house in New York with her husband Seth Martin.

Nabela Noor is a well-known Bangladeshi-American social media celebrity who was born in New York on August 4, 1991.

She is originally from Bangladesh, but was born and brought up in the USA. 

The Youtuber graduated from a private high school in her state at the age of 16 and went on to Pennsylvania State University. 

Nabela values purpose and change in everything she does, with over 9 million followers across platforms and over 1 billion views, and urges her fans to find pockets of serenity every day.