How Old Is Nathan Kreuger? Learn Everything About The AFL Athlete

How Old Is Nathan Kreuger? Learn Everything About The AFL Athlete

Nathan Kreuger, the 22-year-old football player, made headlines when clubs fought over him following his contract expiration with Australian Club Geelong.

Nathan Kreuger is exiting football clubs with his talent. The Adelaide native was initially recruited by the Geelong Club after an exchange request.

The Australian rules footballer has clubs fighting for him in 2021 as his contract with Geelong expires. He is expected to choose Collingwood on a three-year deal.

AFL: Nathan Kreuger Age And Wikipedia 

Nathan Kreuger is 22 years old as of 2021. The athlete was born on the 25th of June 1999. He stands at the height of 196 centimeters and weighs about 93 kilograms.

Kreuger was born and raised in the suburbs of Western Adelaide. The athlete was chasing the ball since he was a kid. He was a crucial part of his high school football team.

Nathen is studying at Torrens University and plays the forward position.

Nathan Kreuger Parents And Ethnicity: Is He Aboriginal?

Nathan Kreuger is the son of Jamie and Elaine Kreuger. The ethnicity of the player is not known. From his pictures, we assume him to have a European heritage. So he is not aboriginal.

Since his parents had a background in sports, it wasn’t a surprise when Nathen followed the same paths.

Father Krueger was a key part of the Darwin Buffalos, having played 150 games with them. Similarly, his mother is an avid football fan. 

Moreover, Nathen is the eldest of four siblings; two brothers, one sister. The siblings are very close with each other and go out on beach days despite Nathen’s busy schedule.

Nathan Kreuger Girlfriend: Meet The Athlete On Instagram

Nathan Kreuger is in a committed relationship with his girlfriend, Tess Kisopp Cole. Like her boyfriend, Tess is also an athlete. She was on the team for the 800m race and has won a medal in the Victorian Championships.

The couple is smitten with each other, making time to go on dates in between training sessions. The pair are parents to a white dog, Leila.

She made her debut on Nathan’s Instagram in September of 2020.

You can follow Nathen on his Instagram nathan_kreuger and be a part of his 3.2 followers. Here, he posts pictures of his family members, girlfriend, and games.


Nathan Kreuger Salary And Net Worth Revealed

The net worth of Nathan Kreuger has not yet been estimated. His salary is calculated to be 900,000 dollars annually.

The occupation of Nathan is playing as a professional footballer.

 In 2018 he was drafted, by the Australian Football league, when he was recruited from Victor Harbour (SA)/South Adelaide (SANFL).

Later, he was chosen by Geelong football club and has made a name for being their swingman.