Nathaniel Dass

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Nathaniel Dass

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Nathaniel Dass is an actor. He is mainly known as a soap opera actor. 

Name Nathaniel Dass
Birthday August 6, 2002
Age 17 Years Old
Gender Male
Nationality Bristish
Profession Actor
Siblings 1
Instagram nathaniel.dass
Facebook Nate Dass

Nathaniel is known as Nate from the series named Almost Never. Almost Never is a comedy series circling around the competition of a boy band with a girls group band. 

Dass prepared for a year for his selection in the series titled Almost Never in the year 2019. In addition, he is also a musician and singer. 


10 Facts on Nathaniel Dass 

  1. Nathaniel Dass was born on the 6th of August, 2002. He is now 17 years of age. 
  2. Dass height is unavailable. However, he stands at a tall height. His weight is not known but he has now maintained his physique quite in shape. 
  3. His details on net worth are not available. However, he is earning from his band and acting from the series. His net worth details will be revealed soon.
  4. Dass is not dating anyone at the moment. Currently, he does not have a girlfriend. However, he is very close to his social manager named Tillie Amartey. Moreover, he has not disclosed his status. 
  5. Nathaniel’s family details are unavailable. However, he has a sister. He is the eldest child while his sister Savanah is the youngest one. 
  6. Dass may have completed his High School education. No other detail on his education is known. 
  7. Nathaniel has British nationality born and raised in England. 
  8. Dass is a musician of the band named “The Wonderland”. His band has also featured in the drama Almost Never
  9. He started acting from the comedy-drama “Almost Never” since 2019. However, he prepared for his role as Nate a year before it started. 
  10. Dass has only 55 posts until now on his Instagram. While there are 19.9 thousand followers on his Insta account. He is also actively seen using Facebook.