Neil Spooner Net Worth: Everything To Know About About ITV4 Monster Carp Host

Neil Spooner Net Worth: Everything To Know About About ITV4 Monster Carp Host

Who is Neil Spooner? A car salesman and ITV4 Monster Carp Host Neil Spooner’s net worth is estimated to be thousands of dollars.

Neil Spooner began his career in a tackle store and later as a car salesman before joining Korda in 2007.

He quickly became one of the most recognizable figures in the current carp scene.

He currently co-hosts the ITV4 show Monster Carp and oversees the UK Korda Sales team while fitting his fishing around a hectic work schedule.

What Is Neil Spooner Net Worth?

Neil Spooner has not disclosed his actual net worth to the media or the public yet; however, it is estimated to be in few thousand dollars.

He has a car salesman, and recently he got notoriety for being ITV4 Monster Carp Host.

Neil is a Sales manager by profession in Korda and is of Essex religion.

Neil Spooner Age: How Old Is He?

Neil Spooner’s age is currently 38 years old.

However, Neil has not disclosed when and where he was born.

Neil Spooner Wikipedia Bio

Neil Spooner worked at a busy tackle shop before joining Korda in 2007. This put him on the front lines when it came to dealing with issues that many fishermen face.

He has a full-time job, so his fishing time is limited.

He does, however, pick his waters carefully so that he can fit overnighters in between work and yet visit the lake regularly when he is not angling.

This allows him to stay in contact with the water so that when he returns, he is still in tune and has a good sense of where the fish are.

Neil is as happy fishing run waters as looking for that next, elusive big ‘one.

When Delkim yells, he gets the same amount of excitement regardless of the size of the culprit.

Neil’s hometown is Colchester.

Neil Spooner Wife And Family

Neil Spooner is a married man and is happily married to Sarah.

The couple has three children named Connor, six years old, Emily aged three, and the final nipper, Freddie, at just one.

However, Neil has not disclosed his parents and family details yet to the media or the public.

Is Neil Spooner On Instagram?

Neil Spooner is active on Instagram as @neilspoons; however, his account is not a verified one.

He has amassed followers in his Instagram account, where he generally posts about his current life experiences.

Most of his posts are related to fishing and his affection and passion for fishing.