New Theory: What Happened To Anne Frank And Her Family? Death Cause Typhus Fever -Details To Know

New Theory: What Happened To Anne Frank And Her Family? Death Cause Typhus Fever -Details To Know

What Happened To Anne Frank? A new theory related to Anne and her family has emerged, claiming she and her family were betrayed by another Jewish, Arnold van den Bergh.

According to one of the newest episodes of 60 minutes titled “Who Betrayed Anne Frank and her family”, a completely new theory surrounding the mystery behind Anne’s and her family life has emerged.

Every historian in the world wants to discover the answer of who exactly betrayed the Frank family. This case could be called one of the most bizarre cold cases of all time as there is not one but several theories have been put forward trying to make a sense out of what happened there back in Amsterdam.

Anne, a young Jewish girl alongside her family moved to Netherland from Germany after Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933. When the Nazis invaded the Netherlands, Frank’s family went into hiding- in an attic behind Anne’s father Otto Frank’s business in Amsterdam.

After spending nearly 27 months in secrecy, they got raided and eight Jewishish were comprehended, and among one of them was Anne. The diary Anne wrote while in hiding “The Diary of a Young Girl” is considered one of the most important accounts of the holocaust.

New Theory: What Happened To Anne Frank And Her Family?

A new theory has come up trying to uncover what happened to Anne Frank and her family.

In the latest episodes of 60 minutes titled Who Betrayed Anne Frank and her family, a team of investigators led by an FBI agent tried to find the answer using modern investigation techniques to solve this cold case. They first started investigating the case in 2016.

And, they conclude that Anne and her family were betrayed by a Jewish man named Arnold van den Bergh. Arnold, at the time, was a successful businessman living in Amsterdam with his wife ad kids.

In the Nazi-occupied Netherland, he went on to work on the Jewish Council, an office to carry out policies within the Jewish community through fear and intimidation of the staff working there.

And, the end of the episode, the conclusion is that Vand den Bergh revealed the location of Frank’s family hiding to secure a safe passage for him and his family life. However, it is still hard to fully support this new theory as there have been numerous theories of such sort.

How Did Anne Frank Died? Death Cause Typhus Fever

In February 1945, Anne Frank and her older sister Margot Frank died of Typhus fever. According to history, their bodies were thrown to the mass grave nearby.

Anne and her family and others were discovered from their secret hiding in Amsterdam on August 4, 1944, by the German secret state police. To date, how they came to find the family remains a complete mystery.

Frank’s sisters were separated from their family as they were spared from Auschwitz gas chambers and were sent to another concentration camp in Northern Germany called the Bergen-Belsen.

Was Anne Frank Killed? 

Yes, Anne Frank was killed by Nazis as she was separated from her family died from suffering from Typhus without her family to take care of her. She and her older sister, Margot Frank, contracted the fever in the Bergen-Belsen, a concentration located in Northern Germany.

Seh ttok her last braethe on Febrauary, 1945. The only survivor from her family was her father Otto Frank.

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