Nicewigg alias Jack Martin is a famous esport and Apex player. Moreover, he is also a social media personality. But most of all, he is renowned as a Twitch star and Youtuber.

Martin loved to play games on PC. Thus, he simply created a Twitch channel and began streaming online. Moreover, he interacted with his fans and also became a player for the Yeet Squad.

Furthermore, Jack started to upload game highlights on other social platforms. He started creating content for Youtube as well. As of now, he is an overall social media star including a Youtuber and Twitch star.

Quick Facts:
Name Nicewigg
Age 22 years old
Gender Male
Height About 5 feet 8 inches
Nationality American
Profession Game Player
Parents Donna Martin
Married/Single Single
Instagram nicewigg
Twitter @NiceWigg
Youtube NiceWigg

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10 Facts on Nicewigg (Jack Martin)

  1. Nicewigg is a professional controller player and live streamer. In addition, he is also a reputed social media star.
  2. The online streamer’s Wikipedia is not yet available. However, certain biofacts about him are available on the web.
  3. Moving on, Nicewigg is based in York Town and has American nationality. Also, his real name is Jack Martin.
  4. The actual age of Martin is 22 years. However, there is no more information on his real birthday or zodiac sign.
  5. Jack has not revealed anything about his love life or girlfriend. It seems like the streamer is currently single.
  6. Considering family, Martin is much blessed. His parents, especially his mother Donna, are quite supportive regarding his gaming career.
  7. Donna always encouraged Jack to do what he wants. Unlike other parents, she understood the gaming community and its benefits as well.
  8. Nicewigg is a Twitch star who streams online games. Currently, he has 203 K followers. Also, he is competing in the Apex Legends.
  9. Besides that, Martin is a Youtuber with 52.1 K subscribers. Likewise, there are 50.8 K and 52.3 K fans on his Instagram and Twitter.
  10. Without any doubt, Jack lives a comfortable life. Until now, his total prize money is $19,517 but his net worth is unknown.

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Last Modified: November 8, 2020

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Nicewigg alias Jack Martin is a famous esport and Apex player. Moreover, he is also a social media personality. But...

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