Has Ninja Mommy Done A Face Reveal? Details On Her Nationality & Ethnicity

Has Ninja Mommy Done A Face Reveal? Details On Her Nationality & Ethnicity

Who is Ninja Mommy? She is a Muslim girl from Pakistan. She makes TikTok and Youtube Videos with her face covered with Hijab. 

Ninja Mommy is a famous TikToker and Youtuber.

She is a Muslim girl who makes videos wearing Hijab. She always covers her face with a Hijab while making Tiktok and Youtube videos.

Ninja Mommy is from Pakistan.

Recently, on a TikTok video, she joked about revealing her face, but she didn’t.

Did TikToker Ninja Mommy reveal her face?

No, Ninja Mommy has not revealed her face.

There was this video on Tiktok where Ninja Mommy made a humorous video where she said that she was revealing her face, but she just removed her outer mask and walked off from the video.

As Muslim women are obliged to wear Burkha, she might never reveal her face because of her strict traditions.


There I took it off! #LaughPause #fyp #foryoupage #foryourpage #niqab #ninjamommy #facereveal

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Ninja Mommy Real Name

Sidra Ashraf is Ninja Mommy’s real name.

Many people don’t know her real name as she goes by her media name Ninja Mommy on TikTok and Youtube.

She is popular by her media name.

How Old Is TikToker Ninja Mommy? Wiki Bio

Ninja Mommy’s age is 30 years old.

The TikTok star was born on May 14, 1991. Her birthplace in Pakistan. Her zodiac is Taurus.

Besides, there is no information about Ninja Mommy on Wiki.

She just started gaining fans from this year. She is also known for showing off her Abaya fashion.

Who Is Ninja Mommy Partner?

Ninja Mommy is married to Samirp Patel. She also has a small daughter named Samarah.

Ninja often posts pictures of her husband and Daughter on Instagram with the cutest captions.

She also posted a picture of her Daughter’s first birthday cake with crying emojis.

Similarly, she has also mentioned in her youtube video that her husband married her without even looking at her face.

She said that it was love at first sight for her.

What Is Ninja Mommy Net Worth?

There isn’t exact information about Ninja Mommy’s net worth.

But by estimating her followers, she might have her numbers in thousands. 

Ninja Mommy has about 306,000 subscribers on YouTube. She talks about her Muslim culture.

Likewise, she mostly doe Question and Answers videos on Youtube. she also has Abaya fashion and Tiktok.

She gets money from Tiktok by collaborating with different people to promote their brand.

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