No, Brian May Is Not Transphobic: Queen Singer Explains His Reaction Towards Trans Were Twisted By Journalists

No, Brian May Is Not Transphobic: Queen Singer Explains His Reaction Towards Trans Were Twisted By Journalists

No, Brian May is not transphobic but has explained the situation through his Instagram post saying he was ambushed by the journalist and said the words were twisted by them to invite unfriendliness. 

Brian May who has always been a well-known name in the rock genre and overall music industry is the lead guitarist of the famous British rock band Queen. He is also an astrophysicist who completed his doctoral thesis in 2007. 

With his recent comment where he said, “We would be forced to have people of different colors and different sexes and we would have to have a trans [person]. You know life doesn’t have to be like that. We can be separate and different.” according to Mirror, he was been trending on the internet. 

Let us learn more about Brian May and take a closer look at his wife and children. 

Is Brian May Transphobic?

Brian May is not transphobic but he has accused the journalist have been playing with words to make him seem so. 

He took to his Instagram account and wrote, “Yes – I was ambushed and completely stitched up by a journalist at the recent ITV event. And it’s led to a whole mess of press stories making it look like I’m unfriendly to trans people. Nothing could be further from the truth. My words were subtly twisted.”

He added, ” I should have known better than to talk to those predatory Press hacks. Sincere apologies to anyone who has been hurt by the stories. My heart is open as always to humans of all colors, all creeds, all sexes and sexualities, all shapes and sizes – and all creatures.”

We have attached the post below for our readers to have a look at May’s side of the story. 

Who Are Brian May Wife And Children?

Brian May is married to his wife Anita Dobson since November 18, 2000, according to his Wikipedia profile

May and the actress Dobson met back in the year 1986 two years before he separated from his first wife Christine Mullen. 

Mullen and May got married in the year 1974 but their marriage did not work out great and they got separated in the year 1988. 

The couple has three children together, namely James aka Jimmy May, Louisa May, and Emily Ruth May. All of their three children are grown people as of now. 

Brian does not have any known children with his second wife Anita as of now. 

Who Are Brian May Parents? Family Explored

Brian May was born as an only child of his parents Harold May and Ruth Irving. 

He was born in  Hampton Hill, Twickenham on July 19, 1947. 

May does not have any siblings in his family as he was born a single child and information about his other members of the family has also not come to the surface yet. 

What Is Brian May Net Worth?

Brian May’s net worth is $210 million according to Metal Castle

With his enormous fortune, he is the richest member of the British band Queen. 

He gathered most of his fortune with his long years as a member and lead guitarist of Queen. 

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