No, Verity Bowditch And Giovanni Pernice Are Not Dating Each Other- Rumors Debunked

No, Verity Bowditch And Giovanni Pernice Are Not Dating Each Other- Rumors Debunked

26-year old Made In Chelsea star Verity Bowditch made headlines when speculations about her dating Strictly Come Dancing star Giovanni Pernice graced the internet.

Verity Bowditch is a native of Chelse. When she was a young girl, she attended King’s College in London and studied Biomedical Science.

Her eccentric personality and demeanor got her cast on the reality show about people from Chelsea. She became a fan favorite.

Now, the rumor of her dating 31-year-old Giovanni Pernice is circulating on the internet.

Verity Bowditch And Giovanni Pernice Dating Rumors- What’s The Truth?

Although rumors may suggest that Verity Bowditch and Giovanni Pernice are dating, he says otherwise.

In an interview with daily mail, he stated that dancing is the only thing on his mind.

The speculation got to him penned an Instagram post addressed to his fans, saying that this was news to him.

A source told tabloids that he adores the 26-year-old beauty. He went as far as to take time out of his training to be with the lady.

Previously, Pernice had dated famous personalities like Maura, Asley Roberts, Georgia May Foote, and many more.

Verity Bowditch Age And Net Worth

Verity Bowditchi is 26 years old as of 2021. According to graze daily, she was born on the 21st of September 1995.

The net worth of a reality TV star is still under review. We estimate it to be in the millions.

She started her career by working for Condor Ferries. After two months, she moved on to intern at River Delta Law Firm. 

In 2016, she joined FONIX as their sales executive and worked there for three years.

The lady only left her job to establish her company Clean Kitchen Club.

Who Is Verity Bowditch Partner In 2021?

Verity Bowditch is not dating anyone currently. 

The Made In Chelse reality star has had a colorful dating life. When she first got famous, she dated James Taylor, a fellow cast member. 

He whisked her off to a romantic getaway in Paris, and she was fell for it. Unfortunately, he did the same for other girls too. They are not together anymore.

She went on to date Tristan Phipps on the last season of the show. After a brief fling with Charlie Fredcik, but later admitted to seeing a DJ of October of this year.

Verity Bowditch Parents & Family

Verity Bowditch is the daughter of British parents. The name of her mother is Denise Bowditch. The mother-daughter duo is very close to one another.

They are often seen out at lunches and attending important events together.

Denise is very proud of her daughter and flaunts her achievements on her social media.

You can follow her on her social media veritybowditch. Here, her verified account has a following of 154k people.

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