What Happened To Noel Fielding On Bake Off? Is He Missing Over Illness?

What Happened To Noel Fielding On Bake Off? Is He Missing Over Illness?

Noel Fielding is an American actor and comedian. Is he sick or unwell? Fans are concerned because of his absence on the Great British Bake Off. Here’s what happened to Noel and why he missed the show. 

Noel Fielding is an actor, artist, comedian, composer, host, and writer from England. Noel is widely known for appearing on the show The Mighty Boosh comedy troupe.

Noel is currently a co-host on the show The Great British Bake Off (GBBO). He has been a part of GBBO since 2017. GBBO is a show reality cooking show where participants compete in a baking contest for a series of rounds. It airs on Channel 4.

His is dark and surreal humor has made him famous in the media. Recently he missed an episode on the baking show, and fans are worried for the actor/host. 

What Happened To Noel Fielding From GBBO? Is He Sick Or Unwell? Situation Explained.

Noel missed the final day in the tent of GBBO because he was unwell. On the episode, his co-host Matte Lucas stated that he was absent because he was “Under the weather.”

Noel has been co-hosting alongside Matte on the show for the past five years. He joined as a host during the 8th series of the program in 2017.

On Tuesday, during the contest, the participants were asked to make traditional German desserts and cake. During the first two stages of the contest, Noel had to take a rain check during the final bake-off as he was not feeling well.

Both the hosts were summoned to give their verdict, but only Matt showed up in the final round. Matt explained what had happened to Noel and continued with the show. He had to reveal the results of the last round without his co-host.

The internet took this opportunity to joke around about the situation. Some posted on Twitter that he had eaten some bad cake during the contest and got food poisoning.

What Happened During And After Noel Fielding Absence On GBBO?

The show had to go on. After the participants finished preparing their baked items, it was time for Matt and the judges to give their verdict.

Unfortunately, elimination was inevitable. One of the contestants had to say goodbye after the contest. Baker Freya had to leave the show after the results were revealed.

As Noel was not present during the last round, he was sent well wishes over Twitter from fans concerned about his health.

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