How Old Is Nomboniso Gasa? Everything To Know About The Researcher

How Old Is Nomboniso Gasa? Everything To Know About The Researcher

Nomboniso Gasa is at the age of 54 who is a lawyer by profession. Besides laws and politics, what she is into, let us find out.

Nomboniso Gasa is an Adjunct Professor of law. She is mostly into public law-related matters.

Most South Africans praise gasa’s adaptability to any profession.

Though Nomboniso has been in front of the media, many questions have remained unanswered.

Most of the queries are relevant to her internal matters.

However, we are here to discuss each of them individually.

Without any further ado, let us discuss Namboniso Gasa.

Namboniso Gasa Age-How Old Is She?

As per mgco, Nomboniso Gasa is at the age of 54 years old.

Furthermore, She was born on the 12th of February 1967.

Gasa was visionary and observatory at the same time. Her curiosity for different things developed when she was young at age.

This habit of Gasa helped her a lot in her career.

Namboniso Gasa Wikipedia

Nomboniso Gasa is not seen on Wikipedia for now.  

Her full name stands as Papama Nomboniso Gasa. Gasa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied science. She graduated in 1990.

After a while, she wanted to pursue her career and law and judiciary. She completed her Ph.D. in Law from the University of Cape Town.

She started her career in 1992 as an executive secretary in the ANC commission.

She was the senior RA at the University of Cape Town for 12 years.

Namboniso is a researcher, writer, and analyst in PNG services for more than ten years.

All of her admirers will be delighted to see her name on Wikipedia.

Namboniso Gasa Husband- Is She Married?

Nomboniso Gasa is married to her husband, Raymond Suttner.

Likewise, Suttner is also a South African activist, academic, journalist, and public figure.

Suttner holds BA and LLB degrees. Raymond also completed his education at the University of Cape Town.

Namboniso has kept her marriage life secret. Recently she told the media that they decided to be divorced after being together for 28 years.

What Is Namboniso Gasa Net Worth?

There are no media that has covered Nomboniso Gasa’s estimated net worth.

She is a well-known lawyer, activist writer, and researcher.

The person with these qualities and skills is indeed earning good throughout her career.

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