How Old Is Nomgcobo Jiba? Everything To Know About The Public Prosecutor

How Old Is Nomgcobo Jiba? Everything To Know About The Public Prosecutor

Nomgcobo Jiba, aged 40-50 years, was the Deputy National Director of Public Prosecutions. Continue below to learn more about the former Director. 

Nomgcobo Jiba is the former Deputy National Director of Public Prosecutions in South Africa. 

She served in the directorial position from December 22, 2010, to September 15, 2016. 

However, her entire career span dates from 1998, when she started as a Prosecutor in Peddie Magistrate’s Court in The Eastern Cape. 

Moreover, her career path appears quite appealing, inspiring, and worth praising until joining as the Deputy Director. 

Currently, Jiba is being applauded by many as she makes an argument for the removal of certain rules as unconstitutional. 

How Old Is Nomgcobo Jiba? 

Nomgcobo Jiba appears to be under the age category of 45-50 years old. 

Her actual and verified date of birth continues to exist as a mystery. 

However, Jiba was born and raised in South Africa.  

Nomgcobo Jiba Husband And Family: Is She Married? 

Nomgcobo Jiba is married to her husband, Booker Nhantsi. 

Regardless, there aren’t any details bout their marriage on the web until now.

What’s more, her husband received a presidential pardon from President Jacob Zuma in 2010. 

Besides, Nhantsi was also declared guilty of taking R193,000 from the client’s trust and was sentenced to prison for five years in 2003; however,  officials erased the case after a presidential pardon. 

Nomgcobo Jiba Salary 

Nomgcobo Jiba has not revealed any data about her salary as of now. 

But, as per one article, the NPA act mentions that the salary of a Deputy National Director shall be no less than a Judge; hence she should have an annual salary in thousands of dollars.

Alongside the analysis of her career history, we can also assume her net worth to be around $1 million by 2021. 

Can You Find Nomgcobo Jiba On Instagram? 

The Deputy National Director Nomgcobo Jiba does not appear active on Instagram.

Yet, you can explore bits and pieces of information her information through hashtag #nomgcobojiba

Besides, she is also not on Twitter, making her personal life updates far from the public’s sight. 

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